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Barrier Star: infrared semiconductor laser, also known as “the light of life” – glow the light of skin’s vital function. A new phototherapy instrument developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It uses the special physical characteristics of medical near-infrared light to promote the metabolism of skin tissue, improve the nutritional status of biological tissue, strengthen the ability of tissue regeneration, accelerate the recovery of function, and has obvious effects in anti-inflammatory, detumescence, skin barrier repair, wrinkle and scar removal, analgesia, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, and restoring muscle function.

2.Working Theory
1)Resonance effect
Semiconductor infrared light uses its specific light wave to resonate with human biological wave, in order to stimulate the activity of human skin tissue cells, make its tissue fast and improve the tissue function of human body.
2)Biochemical effect
Infrared light can stimulate the activity of tissue enzyme and regulate the metabolism and immune function of human body, so that the immune function of human skin tissue is enhanced.
3)Biothermal effect
It can enhance the metabolism of tissue, enhance the phagocytosis of cells, eliminate swelling, promote inflammation and dissipate, reduce the excitability of the nervous system, play the role of analgesic, improve the nutrition of tissue, promote the freshmen of granulation and accelerate the healing of the wound.

3.Treatment range
1)Skin barrier function repair, facial dermatitis, hormone dependent dermatitis, eczema
2)Repair of facial fine lines, skin ulcers and burn wounds
3)Neurodermatitis, neuritis, multiple peripheral neuritis
4)Improving blood circulation, promoting swelling and subsiding, analgesia

1)Inflammation and barrier repair
Near infrared IR-A wave length, strong permeability (can penetrate into the skin under 5mm, absorption rate of 95%), the energy density is uniform, effective action on the dermal tissue, accelerate blood circulation, promote skin metabolism, stimulate the growth of collagen. So as to increase skin elasticity, repair sensitive skin, achieve whitening and skin rejuvenation, and shrink pores.
2)Facial fine lines
Immediate effect: heat the skin evenly distributed water, heat conduction to the surrounding collagen fibers, resulting in the greatest degree of contraction of collagen fibers.
Long term effect: by heating the dermal tissue, we start the selective heat loss repair process, activate the dermal fibroblasts to produce new collagen protein.
3)70%The effective rate of inflammation is over 95%, and the rate of improvement is 60%-70%.
4)Rapid analgesia, rapid detumescence, rapid repair of skin barrier.

Active tuberculosis
Severe arteriosclerosis
Vasculitis obliterans
Malignant tumor

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