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What’s the best way to treat vitiligo and psoriasis?


What’s the best way to treat vitiligo and psoriasis? And how a 308nm excimer laser works?

Wuhan YICHAO Technology Equipment Co., Ltd ‘s 308nm excimer light treatment psoriasis effect you know? what is best psoriasis treatment?Psoriasis is a common T cell immune-mediated skin disease. The Niubaike 308nm excimer laser treatment device can locally irradiate the affected skin with high energy. In this way, the number of T cells in the lesion area is significantly reduced, and the keratinocytes regenerate, directly releasing cytotoxins, killing infiltrating T cells, thereby exerting an immunosuppressive effect, and achieving therapeutic goals sooner. This treatment rarely affects the surrounding normal skin. Both the number of irradiations and the cumulative dose fully reflect its leading position in the field of phototherapy. If combined with narrow-band ultraviolet light and traditional medical treatment, psoriasis treatment can be achieved first-class level.

Niubaike’s 308nm excimer laser treatment instrument is called “Vitiligo Terminator” by the international medical community. It is the top equipment for the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. Niubaike’s 308nm excimer laser treatment instrument is the world’s first solid-state 308nm excimer laser second-generation technology. The wavelength of light released by the Uxbeak 308nm excimer laser therapeutic apparatus is in the ultraviolet range, so it has no side effects on the human body and is known as a green therapy for skin diseases.

In addition, Niubaike 308nm excimer laser second-generation treatment apparatus in alopecia areata, palmoplantar pustulosis, mycosis fungoides, localized keratinized eczema, atopic dermatitis, and atrophic lines and other intractable skin diseases are Has a good effect.

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