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What’s the best face products for sensitive skin?


“Sensitive skin often shows redness, fever, itching,especially when changing seasons, can not adapt to the external environment,there are a variety of unwell reactions, many skin care products can not be used.So what are the causes of skin allergies? How to improve skin allergies?

The cause of skin sensitivity:
Because many people have too thin a cuticle, the skin does not have enough moisture, and the dryness causes the barrier function of the skin to be weak and unable to withstand external stimuli. When the nerve fibers of the skin are stimulated by the outside, they are often overly excited and cause allergies such as redness.

Steps to Improve Sensitive Skin:
1. To reduce excessive cleaning, excessive cleaning will destroy the oil balance. Do not wash your face for more than 3 minutes. Wash your face once in the morning and in the evening. Use a gentle cleanser to avoid over-cleaning.
2. The water temperature of the face should not be too high. Excessive temperature can irritate the skin. Use 30 to 40 degrees warm water.
3. Reduce the use of clean mask, 1-2 times a month can be, as some of the best exfoliating do not use.
4. Reasonable choice of toner, mild moisturizing can be, do not use alcohol or slippery toner.
5. Sensitive skin is very sensitive to the external environment, be careful that environmental pollution damage your sensitive skin, so pay attention to wipe out the cream when going out, try to avoid direct contact with the air pollution of the skin.

So,What’s the best face products for sensitive skin?

As the best face products for sensitive skin,the Shumin Star can do these:
1.Promote blood circulation.
27Mhz eddy current electric field can make the skin local oxygen supply increased 3-5 times, promote blood circulation.
2.Quickly relieve inflammation.
27Mhz eddy current electric field can effectively enhance the phagocytic function of phagocytic cells, relieve inflammation.
3.Repair skin barrier function.
Most of the sensitive skin has symptoms of impaired skin barrier function. The skin is brick wall structure. The skin barrier is damaged like a thin brick wall. At this point for the outside world of various stimuli, bacteria, fungal virus resistance is reduced. And 27Mhz eddy current field can be local skin potassium concentration decreased, rapid increase in calcium concentration, rapid repair of the skin barrier function. 27Mhz for the reconstruction of the skin barrier function is recognized worldwide technology.
4). Treatment for dry sensitive skin on face.
The water ion generator ionizes the common water molecules into charged ionic water by displacement current. This active ionized water is more easily absorbed by the skin and dermasil sensitive skin treatment lotion, so the skin moisture complement is greater. Single water replenishment up to 20-40 ml. In addition, the focused eddy current field changes the potential distribution of cell membrane sections, affecting the cell between the electron and ion concentration, so that the distance between cells to expand, quickly open the skin water ion and water protein channels, effectively enhance the skin permeability and permeability Nature, instantaneous replenishment to the skin deep.”

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