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These Factors are the Prisoner of Problematic Skin!


Traditional skin management

Generally saying, it’s the use of cosmetics and implementation of massage. It is unable to clean the deep dirt on the skin, and result in a variety of skin problems (including acne, blackheads and so on).


Professional instrument skin management

It combines medical skin management (primarily through instrument) with daily skin management. Skin problems measured by the instrument accurately. Then remove surface and deep dirt of skin thoroughly And then use instrument to import nutrient solution deeply into the skin to make the skin more nourishing. It will reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, tight skin, brighten the skin tone, and so on.


To save skin problems, we must repair both inside and outside. Professional instrument skin management to revitalize your skin, let you meet another self! First, we must understand the general causes of skin problems.

1.Dryness of skin

A lot of people think, refreshing and whiten is the most important in summer, but actually the skin also can reduce moisture quickly below intense sunlight. That is to say, summer needs more water. The skin is dehydrated, the cells are shriveled and the face is certainly dull.

2.Sunscreen is not enough

All seasons require sun screen. Without sun screen measure, UV ray can let the skin produces melanin, bring about free radical to form at the same time. This is not only the problem of bask to black and hurt, but accelerating the skin to age!

3.Stay up late frequently

The best time to repair your skin is from 23pm to 4am. Staying up late for a long time keeps the skin from getting enough rest and self-repair. Of course, the skin is dark and the face is yellow and black. This is why we feel our faces are blue in the mirror after staying up late in the morning.

4.Bad diet habits

When you look at the older relatives in the family, you will find those who like eating salty dishes or have heavy taste are mostly darker and darker. People who smokes also tend to turn yellow. So do less things that affect your skin.(We don’t think girls who smoke are bad, but smoking does affect their skin. So the girls who smokes a lot have better control the quantity.)

5.Body healthy reason

Most of these problems do not appear before the age of 40. But as we all know, a long period of unhealthy life will lead to increased liver burden and decreased liver function, which will make the face look yellow. The solution is to follow the doctor’s advice.


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