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YCZK01 ShuMin Star Machine—Sensitive Skin Treatment Equipment machine


■Effect on the skin water lipid membrane repair.
■Thicken the skin horny.
■Restore skin barrier function
■Enhance skin resistance
■Estrogen-dependent dermatitis repair
■Sensitive skin rehabilitation treatment
■Cosmetic injury dermatitis repair
■Sunlight dermatitis rehabilitation treatment
■Rose acne seborrheic dermatitis repair
■Diffuse telangiectasia and facial flushing repair

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ShuMin Star machine is a safe effective machine for treating sensitive skin.

General Introduction of ShuMin Star machine

ShuMin Star(Sensitive Skin Treatment device) is a high-technology beauty medical equipment with China Patent which is developed by us who is the subordinate company of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is suitable for the treatment of various sensitive skin irritation treatment.ShuMin star is the best sensitive skin treatment equipment now on the market.

YICHAO is the focus on medical beauty machines R & D manufacturers. In the Division of science and technology focus on physical and RF research and development for 30 years. The company has a medical product production license, and at the same time with dozens of national patents. Wuhan Xinxin Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only exporter of its designated.

ShuMin Star is the most fist treatment device in hospital’s dermatological department or beauty spa club especially for skin sensitive treatment.

1.Application and treatment range for different of  sensitive skin.

Role in the soothe sensitive skin treatment, repair of the skin lipid membrane, thickening of skin keratinocytes, restore skin barrier function, enhance skin resistance.

1.Sensitive skin acne treatment
2.Treatment for dry sensitive skin on face
3.Acnefree sensitive skin system acne treatment
4.Acne and sensitive skin treatment
5.Sensitive skin sunburn treatment
6.Dry sensitive skin treatment
7.Sensitive oily skin acne treatment
8.Very dry sensitive skin treatment
9.Cetaphil dry sensitive skin treatment
10.Sensitive skin pain treatment
11.Sensitive skin natural acne treatment
12.Skin sensitive to touch treatment
13.Sensitive skin rash treatment
14.Sensitive skin irritation treatment
15.Sensitive skin acne spot treatment
16.Sensitive skin pimple treatment
17.Sensitive skin spot treatment
18.Sun sensitive skin treatment
19.Sensitive skin after laser treatment
20.Sensitive skin itchy treatment
21.Men’s sensitive skin treatment
22.Oily and sensitive skin treatment
23.Sensitive skin rosacea treatment
24.Sensitive skin blackhead treatment

2.Differents cases of sensitive skin before treatment and after treatment by ShuMin Star machine.

1)Congential senstive skin
skin sensitive treatment equipment

1 time treatment of congenital sensitive skin

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Congenital sensitive skin red degree image







2)Congenital sensitive skin treament

skin sensitive treatment equipment

1 time treatment of congenital sensitive skin

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Congenital sensitive skin red degree image








3) Corticosteroid-dependent dermatitis skin sensitive.

Before treament it’s very serious.After some times treatment,it’s very near normal.

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Before treatment of sensitive skin

skin sensitive treatment equipment

After 6 times treatment by ShuMin Star

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Before and after of 8 treatment sensitive skin by ShuMin Star








skin sensitive treatment equipment

Sensitive skin before treatment

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Sensitive skin after 5 times treatment

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Sensitive skin after 10 times treatment





skin sensitive treatment equipment

Before skin barrier repairing

skin sensitive treatment equipment

After 10 times treatment

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Before skin barrier repairing

skin sensitive treatment equipment

After 15 times treatment







skin sensitive treatment equipment

sensitive skin before treatment

skin sensitive treatment equipment

sensitive skin after treatment

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Hormone-dependent dermatitis

skin sensitive treatment equipment

After rebuilding skin barrier







4)chloasma treatment before and after treatment.

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Before treated by ShuMin Star of Vascular chloasma

skin sensitive treatment equipment

5 times treated by ShuMin Star of Vascular chloasma








5) Back skin disease treatment before by ShuMin Star machine and after.

Black skin disease and 15 days later after ShuMin star treated 5 times.






30 days later by ShuMin Star treated 10 times&45 days later by ShuMin Star treated 15 times






4.Why you have to choose sensitive skin treatment machine for your skin clinic or beauty salon?

1.Huge sensitive skin repair market, adequate customer base.

The 2016 L’Oreal survey is a market of 50 billion market capitalization. Many people have skin-sensitive problems, but there is no good way to treat.

2.It dosen’t need to look for sensitive skin clients especially.

80% of the current clients in your beauty salon are the potential clients.Because the people who usually go to beauty salo,they have higher risk to have skin healthy problems because they have more risk to use hormone skin care products and unproper beauty treatment.And most of beauty treatment need skilled operation and itself has side effects.For example,RF treatment to stimulate collagen generation.The RF need to heat the inner skin,as long as it heats the skin,the skin will lose water.If overheat,the inner skin will be hurt.The skin will be red,dry,itch.If after RF treatment,it can use ShuMin star to treat,the skin will be more healthier and no side effects.From this side,ShuMin star can combinated with other current beatuy machines.

3.Skin allery and sensitive skin patient are rigid customers.

Imagine,the face red,pain,itch,hot,if there is a good way to cure it,he must go without 1 second delay.

4.Traditonal beauty salon service competition is very serious.

Such as slimmng,hair removal,anti aging are having serious competitions.So to start and lead new beauty trends to skin sensitive is the new money return points.

5.It can attract clients easier especially for new beauty salons.

Imagine that,if around you already have some beauty salons,they already have some clients of slimming,anti aging,hair removal.As a new player as you,it’s very difficult for you to attract these salons clients.Becuase you don’t have new thing.But if you can not only do the slimming,hair removal,anti aging,but also can keep the skin healthy even treat their existed skin problems,will they be your clients?

6.To owns ShuMin star earlier,earn money ealier.

when 10 years ago,HIFU just appeared in the market.How expensive it is?No matter the machine,but the treatment cost.Now it’s the same time point as HIFU.If you are the first own the ShuMin star,you will have right of speech.Eailer you start purchaing as a dealer,the more discount you will get.

7.It can combine with other beauty machines and enhance compositive treatment effects.

For example,ShuMin star+Radiofrequency can treat all kind of stains. After using Radiofrequency,the skin will be dry and peeling and it will

After using laser ,it will cause skin peeling, dry. The high laser energy will make heavy color, the risk is relatively large. With ShuMin star to give the skin moisture, repair the skin. This can ease skin redness, itch and dry caused by laser

5.Advantage of sensitive skin treatment machine—-ShuMin Star machine.

If you manage beauty salon,why you have to own ShuMin Star machine?

1.You don’t need to find new customers as the presents customers,a lot of them skin barrier damaged already.They need to repair.
2.Any customers whose skin barrier damaged are searching methods all around so what you need to do is to let them know and then customers will come by themselves.
3.ShuMin Star machine can cooperate with all of other beauty machines you already and let the treating effects better.Because no matter laser or RF’s heat will damage or destroy skin barrier.If the damaged skin cann’t be repaired,the RF or laser treatment effects will be weakened or even stopped.
4.A lot of skin problem has relation with skin barrier such as peeling,dry,itch,red ects.
5.After you own it,you won’t have any competitors now.And you can sell treatment course or even machine with good price.

If you are a dermatologist,why you have to own ShuMin Star machine?

1.Skin Barrier Rebuilding is the 3rd skin revolution.So it’s a trend.
2.ShuMin Star machine is the only machine that can effectively treat skin barrier which were proved by a lot of Chinese dermatologist.
3. ShuMin Star machine can treat a lot of headache skin disease.It proves that a lot of skin disease has relation with skin barrier.
4. ShuMin Star machine can help dermatologist improve his clinic treatment effects.

If you are beauty medical machine dealer,why you have to owh ShuMin Star machine?

1.Traditional beauty medical machine such as hair removal,slimming,RF,laser has too many competitors.The profit is very low.
2.As the skin beauty development,skin barrier just start over the world(It’s hot in China already),so who develop ShuMin Star machine,who will lead the market.

Some general advantage of ShuMin Star machine

1.No consumables—–It dosen’t have any consumables you have to change each time and the energy has no lose.
2.It’s very comfortable.
3.It can attract clients well and clients have high loyalty.
4.I’s very easy to get back the cost.
5. ShuMin star get a lot of Chinese experts support and recognition.
6.The treatment feeling by ShuMin Star is very comfortable.The patient who have used ShuMin Star like it a lot.
7.The usage rate of ShuMin Star in hospital and beauty Salon are very high.It has no supplies.The cost of use is low.
8.ShuMin star has very high economic benefits.It’s very quick to get back the cost 95% of the ShuMin star are working all the time and people work shift.
9.ShuMin Star is customer glue. Many customers specifically come for ShuMin Star.
10.Repair skin barrier function, The only device in the world.
In China’s public hospital dermatology 20 strong ,17 hospitals have ShuMin Star. Private surgery 100 strong hospitals, more than 95% of the hospitals have ShuMin star.
11.ShuMin star passed CFDA test.
Shuming Star’s high safety performance. It passed by
Electromagnetic radiation 13 detection 0 radiation
National security 17 test 0 risk
CFDA detection content
12.Can provide a full set of treatment-sensitive package.
There are thousands of successful clinical experiences in China for four years. Can make the equipment to the extreme.

6.Cooperator of sensitive skin treament machine—ShuMin Star machine

skin sensitive treatment equipment


7.Why ShuMin Star can treat sensitive skin?Technology and Principle.

1). Promote blood circulation.
27Mhz eddy current electric field can make the skin local oxygen supply increased 3-5 times, promote blood circulation.

2). Quickly relieve inflammation.
27Mhz eddy current electric field can effectively enhance the phagocytic function of phagocytic cells, relieve inflammation.

3). Repair skin barrier function.
Most of the sensitive skin has symptoms of impaired skin barrier function. The skin is brick wall structure. The skin barrier is damaged like a thin brick wall. At this point for the outside world of various stimuli, bacteria, fungal virus resistance is reduced. And 27Mhz eddy current field can be local skin potassium concentration decreased, rapid increase in calcium concentration, rapid repair of the skin barrier function. 27Mhz for the reconstruction of the skin barrier function is recognized worldwide technology.

4). Treatment for dry sensitive skin on face.
The water ion generator ionizes the common water molecules into charged ionic water by displacement current. This active ionized water is more easily absorbed by the skin and dermasil sensitive skin treatment lotion, so the skin moisture complement is greater. Single water replenishment up to 20-40 ml. In addition, the focused eddy current field changes the potential distribution of cell membrane sections, affecting the cell between the electron and ion concentration, so that the distance between cells to expand, quickly open the skin water ion and water protein channels, effectively enhance the skin permeability and permeability Nature, instantaneous replenishment to the skin deep.

skin sensitive treatment equipment

Different kind of water entering skin situation








5). Accelerate skin metabolism.
Can give the skin oxygen, increase immunity. Oxygen injection, 3Pa pressure into the oxygen, improve dry and dry skin state. Promote the growth of skin cells, increase the number of layers of brick wall structure.

skin sensitive treatment equipment


27Mhz eddy current field rebuild skin barrier.

skin sensitive treatment equipment







8.ShuMin star machine treating skin sensitive with other methord to treat sensitive machine.

1)Machine comparing

Shumin Star and ordinary radio frequency difference

1.Ordinary RF and laser, like, act on the target tissue, the selective heating. Ordinary RF is the water molecules and other conductors to absorb energy, water molecules and other conductors to absorb energy, temperature, moisture vaporization, which can easily lead to dehydration of the skin dry, aggravating the symptoms of sensitive skin.

2.Ordinary RF output is based on a simple conduction current, the RF current must be transmitted through the conductor before the energy can be selectively absorbed. It produces Joule heat, easy to stimulate sensitive skin, sensitive skin intolerance thermal stimulation, easy to aggravate the symptoms of sensitivity.

3. 27MHz eddy current field is a patented invention, with the physical properties of rapid relief of skin inflammation, ordinary shot
Frequency does not have this efficacy and physical properties, ordinary RF heat stimulation, increase the inflammatory response.

4. 27MHz eddy current field skin can affect the physical and chemical characteristics of calcium and potassium ion concentrations, a certain degree of calcium ion concentration can quickly repair the skin barrier function f ordinary RF does not have this function and physical characteristics.

5.SHUMIN STAR output displacement current, does not produce Joule heat, does not stimulate sensitive skin, easy to relieve the sensitive symptoms.
SHUMIN STAR eddy current field using the role of skin tissue, skin tissue absorb energy without any selectivity.
SHUMIN STAR is a high-tech medical equipment on the market that does not cause water shortage and replenishes the skin.

2)Results comparing

1. effect
Better than hormones
2. Benefit
Spend less money on the instrument, the instrument can earn money. Three-drug. Drugs 0 profit, while the project makes money quickly
3. Patient satisfaction
Medication temporary solution, the patient is not satisfied. Hormones are skin opium.

9.Certification and patent of sensitive skin treatment machine—ShuMin Star machine.

skin sensitive treatment equipment
























13 pieces electromagnetic radiation detection 0 radiation
National Security 17 Detection 0 Risk
CFDA test content

Patent content: strong ionization penetration. Eddy current field.
Patent No. 20151049827.3
Usage Patent No. ZL2015 2 0192389.4

11.Price of ShuMin Star machine.

Those who want to buy speculation, will only look at the price. Customers can not flicker, medical care does not look at price, depends on the efficacy. Otherwise the client will have a foot to vote with you. Can not treat clients, seemingly earned, in fact, lost.
EMC is one of the CFDA tests. CFDA contains EMC electromagnetic certification, safety regulations, clinical.
EMC accounts for 70% of the cost.
Radar generator (the United States Philips) price is 30 times the normal RF.

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