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Skin treatment and cause of hormone-dependent dermatitis


Corticosteroid-dependent dermatitis (referred to as hormone-dependent dermatitis) is caused by dermatitis caused by long-term repeated inappropriate topical hormones.

1.Causes of hormone-dependent dermatitis

1.1 Hormone make-up water
Make-up water is a skin care product that many women can’t live without every day. However, experts point out that long-term topical use of hormone-containing cosmetics will lead to hormone-dependent dermatitis.
1.2 Illegal additions
The illicit addition of hormone components in drugs or non drugs,to achieve quick results.Or the purpose of obtaining a profit.
1.3 Patient abuse
Some people are misled by doctors,Or lack of understanding of the scope of hormone application and adverse reactions,And long-term abuse.Even using drugs such as hormone-containing products instead of cosmetics.Long-term use in normal skin, forming dependence.
1.4 Doctor abuse
Insufficient judgment on the patient’s condition,Or give hormone-containing products for quick results.Causes long-term use of the patient.

2. Identification of hormone-dependent dermatitis

2.1 Facial skin occurs different degrees of atrophy, thinning, shiny, diffuse flushing or skin erythema,or telangiectasia, local swelling, dry and desquamation,or acne-like rash or rosacea-like dermatitis,or skin atrophic lines or folliculitis pustules.
2.2 Local itching, burning pain, tightness or dry discomfort,the above symptoms are aggravated by heat (such as sun exposure, hot bath, hot steam fumigation).sreduced by cold.
2.3 After the corticosteroids are stopped, the primary disease is aggravated.There are also obvious hormone-dependent symptoms.That is, the condition is rapidly improved after topical application of corticosteroids.Once the drug is stopped, it will take a period of 1 to 2 days,or 3 to 5 days.Then there is more serious hormone rebound dermatitis than before,even induced bacterial and fungal infections.

3. Hormone-dependent dermatitis skin treatment

3.1 Mainly to take the gradual decline in the strength and dosage of hormone drugs,
Combined with antibacterial anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic drug treatment,Until all hormone drugs are removed,The treatment process takes 1-2 years and is difficult for most patients to accept.
3.2 The principle of hormone-dependent dermatitis treatment is local protection and appeasement, and more importantly, skin self-renewal,But because of the long passage of the epidermis, plus hormones can cause epidermal nutrition disorders,Therefore, the disease recovers slowly, so the treatment time is longer, and the patient should be patient.
3.3 Repairing the skin barrier function, the main cause of sensitive skin and hormone-dependent dermatitis is impaired skin barrier function.The main function of the skin barrier is to moisturize and lock water, resist external stimuli, regulate inflammation and sun protection.Therefore, when these functions are destroyed, the skin’s resistance is deteriorated.The Shumin Star Machine can quickly repair the skin barrier, quickly replenish the skin’s moisture and lipids, and improve the skin’s hypoxia.

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