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3 Methods for Sensitive Skin Care Tips


Many women or men have the skin situations of less sebum, dry, lack luster, easy to produce wrinkles and so on. This kind of skin is mostly dry skin. The main reason for dry skin is that the secretion of sebaceous glands and the reduction of natural moisturizing factors in keratinocytes lead to low water content in the cuticle. Appearance of the surface skin manifestation is the tiny wrinkles emerge in endlessly, lack luster of the skin, dry desquamation, easy to produce pigmentation, dermatitis and other skin lesions. At the same time the skin is vulnerable. It is more sensitive to outside stimuli and easy to appear aging phenomenon.

Routine skin care: It is recommended to use soft and moist series of skin care products for nursing. It is better to choose medical skin care products.
1). Clean: The water temperature should not be too cold or too hot to stimulate the skin. It’s better to choose warm water to clean the face. The cleaning products should be gentle, weak acid, without soap base.
2). Moisturizing and hydrating: It is suggested to choose medical skin care products with strong moisturizing effects. And it’s better to use water-holding moisturizing lotion with natural moisturizing factor.
3). Sunscreen: Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, it is recommended to apply sunscreen of SPF>30 30 minutes before going out. It is usually used every 3 hours or so.
4). Facial mask: Dry skin is prone to water shortage, can be replenished with facial mask. Apply moisturizing lotion after moisturizing facial mask.

Medical skin care: Hydrolifting
The primary function of Hydrolifting is to hydrate and moisturize the skin. It can replenish hyaluronic acid deep into the skin through injection gun, and make the skin moist and shiny for a long time. Secondly to improve color of skin. After hyaluronic acid enters skin dermis, it can stimulate skin metabolism to speed up, quickly excrete the melanin inside the body, improve dark yellow and dry skin, brighten skin color, make skin bright and white. Finally, the light spot whitens, the Hydrolifting needle can desalinate the color sink while replenishing the water, restrain the melanin, so as to gradually brighten the skin color, so that the skin is bright, white and tender.

Root solution: ShuMin Star
1) The principle of ionization penetration can replenish moisture and lipids for skin.
2) Electric field effect repair damaged cells, surface skin sterilization, anti – inflammatory and analgesia.
3) Activate shriveled and damaged cells, rebuild the skin brick-wall structure and restore the function of skin barrier and stimulate cell regeneration.
4) Decompose the live oxygen factor to infiltrate the skin for deep moisturizing, make the skin compact, whiten, remove wrinkles, restore health and elasticity.

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