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Sinsitive Skin Go Away(2)


The applicable types of Shumin Star include:
1) repair allergic dermatitis.
2) reduce or eliminate couperose skin.
3) moisturize dry skin.
4) hormone-dependent dermatitis repair.
5) repair cosmetic injury dermatitis.
6) repair solar dermatitis.
The reason why it can quickly repair the skin barrier needs to start with the principle of the Shumin star.
◆It can replenish your skin’s lipid – eddy electric field decreases the local potassium ion concentration and increases calcium ion concentration to restore the skin barrier function, rebuild skin brick structure, then help skin to resume health and strengthen skin resistance to external stimulus.
◆It can quickly replenish moisture – supply moisture to the skin by strong ionization electrolytic ion state, and through the homopolar ion reactive mechanism electrolytic water ion within seconds directly imported into the basal layer of skin, make the inner skin cells added the lack of moisture.
◆The active oxygen sterilization technology in the contact with the skin is a progressive release of living oxygen factors.Finish surface skin disinfection and deep active oxygen moist at the same time. It can effectively accelerate the metabolism of cells, anti-inflammatory sterilization, improve the oxygen to the skin, promote metabolism and promote the cuticle, and make skin quickly restore moist and luster, improve skin immunity.
All the friends should not to be so excited about Shumin Star’s magical results about sensitive skin. Because Shumin star is not a legend about curing immediately. Although it is more direct and efficient than natural skin care, don’t imagine it as getting effect instantly.Treatment is a continuous process.
Although Shumin star is not a difficult project, but we suggest that you should choose regular hospital and professional doctor for consultation and treatment in view of the particularity of sensitive skin. You should ask the doctor to consult according to your situation for personalized treatment planning and times. You should use maintenance products at the same time. Be sure to communicate with your doctor to get the best results.
The good news is that the Shumin star is not only painless but also comfortable. Some of the friends may appear such as red hot after finishing the treatment. You can temporarily use cold compress to alleviate.
The matters and attention after the treatments are not complicated. The most important thing to notice is that the sensitive skin needs to adhere to the daily scientific maintenance after improvement, and the correct cleaning then use of low-stimulation cosmetics. Sunscreen should be done well too.
Science is truth.We don’t expect our next meeting with facial allergic red again.

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