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Save sensitive skin start from thicken facial skin


We just recently suffered the torture of summer. And then we will soon face the season change, so despair, so collapse! This means that people with sensitive skin are usually careful to protect themselves from the wind and sun. Even if the products with low sensitivity are used on the face, they will be red, itchy or even big bags, which really makes people sad.

Generally, people with sensitive skin will continue to be sensitive as long as they start to be sensitive. Even if the sensitive symptoms disappear temporarily, they will “come back to life” after a period of time. So is there good method to solve the sensitive after all? What is sensitive ? Can skin sensitivity be completely cured?

Here is how to get rid of the skin sensitivity of this “grinding little goblin” !


1. Skin sensitivity ≠allergy

Many people can’t tell the difference between allergy and skin sensitivity. Skin sensitivity is not the same thing as allergy. Skin sensitivity is a condition of the skin, which is manifested as a period of time when the skin reacts to minor external stimuli (wind and sun) without any response from normal people, resulting in some skin sensitivity symptoms. And allergy is a kind of body immunity reaction.

There are many reasons for sensitivity. The most common one is excessive cleanliness. Some girls feel that they should wash their face thoroughly and many times a day. Such wash period of time, sebum film can be broken off, can cause sensitivity easily.

When the skin is a few face wash brush, face tool overknead, not only sebum film is damaged, the cuticle below sebum film, also may become thin. With the destruction of the sebaceous lipids and the thinning of the cuticle, the number of epidermal cells may decrease, and the epidermis and dermis may shrink slightly.

Human epidermis is a natural protective barrier, which is very important for human health. Its functions are mainly divided into two aspects:

Firstly, Prevent and keep the moisture of human skin not to lose, protect wet function namely (also prevents the external water from entering the human body easily).

Secondly, Prevent diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses on the surface of the skin. The skin cuticle is damaged, the skin barrier function decreases is the main reason which causes the skin sensitive.

2. Pseudo sensitivity & pseudowhelk

Some people’s skin is sometimes good, repeatedly, to hospital treatment effect is also very little, it is likely to be the use of suspect drugs, the cause of hormone-dependent dermatitis.

Symptoms of hormone-dependent dermatitis: there are red spots, erythema, pimples, flushing, swollen, dry, desquamate on the face and often repeated manifestations. Even local can have hemal dilate, pore is thicker longer. Some show dermatitis and some look like acne.

The treatment of hormone-dependent dermatitis is different from that of the dermatologist.

Traditional dermatological treatment: Most of them use allergy – resistant internal medicine, immunological drugs and some ointments. After years of clinical experience, this treatment has the following characteristics: ①easy to repeat ②it may cause other ointment dependence, the gain is not worth the loss.

And the dermatologist of medical beauty department, must be a dermatologist above all, have the qualification that opens skin kind of ointment. But the difference between dermatologists and doctors is that they can be treated comprehensively with some medical methods, such as laser and radiofrequency, which can achieve better curative effect than simply using therapeutic drugs. Generally dermatologists prescribe hormones to patients and will clearly inform the instructions for use. When used as indicated, the likelihood of hormonal dependence is very low. However, many patients bought their own ointment, without the specific use of the doctor, as long as the patient felt discomfort will be used immediately, no one told him the appropriate use time, and then caused hormone-dependent dermatitis. There are also many so-called “ointments,” or fake skin care products with illegal added hormones that can cause hormone-dependent dermatitis if used over a long period of time. Its characteristic is as long as stop medicine, can appear symptom, as long as take medicine again, symptom can disappear again.


3.Key point of sensitive skin’s treatment

1)Find sensitive skin causes and identify allergens.

2) Handle with anaphylaxis (red, swollen, painful and itchy), reduce skin irritation

3)Maintain the water content of the cuticle, repair the damaged sebum membrane and rebuild the skin barrier.


4. A magic machinefor treating sensitivity- ShuMin Star Machine

If your skin is sensitive, Please try this ShuMin Star Machine – a magic weapon for rapid rebuild of the skin barrier.


1) Safe and comfortable

Its frequency of 27Mhz is the national medical frequency, fully in line with the world health organization’s efforts to broaden the new concept. It does not use human conductor, the current loop has been completed in the handle, and there is no thermal pain, acupuncture, electric numbness and other discomfort during the treatment. Treatment is safe and comfortable without complications and sequelae.


It has unique heating method: capacitive electric field heating is the most advanced heating technology at present.

3)Humanized design

4 types of treatment handle bars can be used to treat any small part.

4)Wide application

It is suitable for any skin color and can be perfectly combined with other types of treatme

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