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How to Repair Sensitive Skin


The main causes of skin sensitivity are damaged cuticle and decreased barrier function.The stratum corneum is the body’s first line of defense against all kinds of external stimuli.It protects against external irritation and prevents moisture loss from the skin.The keratinocytes are the bricks in the wall, and the lipids between them are cement.The skin encounters all sorts of outside stimulation, leather fat film is damaged, the aperture between brick and brick becomes big, the wall is easy loose and damaged, eliminate weak barrier function.At this time the stimulation factor of the outside can drive straight into, inside body moisture loss increases, the skin becomes dry and sensitive, appear erythema, SAO urticant, papule wait for allergic symptom.


  1. Type of sensitive skin

1.1 Dry sensitive skin

No matter what season, skin always is dry and coarse uneven, go up on the skin make up water to be able to feel a few micro prickly, scratchy, can red sometimes swollen, the person that has these a few kinds of symptoms belongs to dry sex sensitive skin.The reason that skin is allergic is because the skin holds dry, bring about defensive function to reduce, should purify redundant sebum and plant adequately only protect wet ok.

1.2 Oily sensitive skin

Blain blain easily appears on the face and small grain, can red swollen, inflammation, connect the easy and dry place such as cheek to also grow blain blain, the person that the expert says those who have these symptoms should belong to oily sensitive skin.Sensitive reason is superfluous adherent skin fat and moisture inadequacy cause skin to protect a function to reduce, want purify to make more only skin fat and keep wet adequately can.

1.3 Stress sensitive skin

Before season alternates reach physiology period, make up maintain article to be able to become not applicable, want morpheus inadequacy or pressure only big, skin can become dry dry, the person that has these a few kinds of symptoms should belong to pressure sex sensitive skin.The reason lies in the endocrine disorder caused by various external stimulation or hormone imbalance.

1.4 Permanent sensitive skin

Such as allergic dermatitis or sun, spices, pigment and other abnormal sensitive sources.Specific irritants (allergens) can cause allergic reactions and can be dangerous if they are maintained in their normal way. It is fair to consult a dermatologist immediately and use the products recommended by your physician.


  1. Daily precautions for sensitive muscles

2.1 Friends with sensitive skin should minimize irritation to sensitive skin

Once the skin appears dry, desquamate or aglow when the condition, explain the skin health condition already gave red light.Sensitive skin should let the skin restore as soon as possible, best method reduces stimulation namely, do not suffer wind to blow, insolation excessively, do not eat excitant food, reoccupy next low sensitive series product, after reducing harm, perhaps the skin can restore health by oneself.

2.2 Sensitive skin should not be over-nourished

Modern make up maintains article, those who emphasize is high effect sex, because this asks its active component must be able to pass through the skin, action goes to skin depth ability produces high effect.For sensitive skin, high concentration, good effect is high risk, high sensitivity.For people with sensitive skin, it is advisable to dilute the product by half before using it.

2.3 Sensitive skin is not suitable for products with too strong curative effect use of non-therapeutic products that do not burden the skin is the best way to restore skin health.


  1. Find sensitive sources to treat sensitive skin

Modern life pressure big, the skin often exposed to the air pollution of environment, pollen, dust, mold, such as dust mites and dirt, make skin symptoms don’t adapt to the increasing, so the sensitivity skin disease and is regarded as a kind of civilization, the progress of science and technology civilization at the same time, also in the change of the human original life habit, also brought such diseases.

3.1 The most important causes of sensitivity are genetic and acquired.

Among them, acquired factors include environment, seasonal weather, psychology and improper use of skin care products, etc., and environmental and psychological factors account for a large proportion.

3.2 In recent years, more and more people have skin damage because of improper use of skin care products.

This has become the biggest inducement that skin is sensitive nowadays, nots allow to ignore.Protect skin to taste cause skin allergy, basically be certain component can make skin has allergic reaction.Skin is located in the outermost layer of the body. If the skin comes into contact with some skin care ingredients, cellular immune response will be generated. This is called “allergic contact dermatitis”.In chamfer perhaps grind arenaceous cream, the composition that can cause allergy easily has fruit acid, A acid, water to raise acid to wait.Although these components can adjust skin metabolism, but the higher the concentration of the stronger the irritation, may cause damage to the skin.So, need to bear ability according to skin, use a few from lowest concentration, time also should not be too long.


  1. Magic machine of repairing sensitive skin – ShuMin Star

ShuMin Star made by the Chinese academy of sciences according to Chinese skin features sensitive skin repair treatment of research and development of a new patent product, after thousands of cases of clinical certification ShuMin Star can effectively repair skin barrier function, stimulate new collagen, recover skin health, hitting skin sensitive, in a timely manner to fill the domestic blank, sensitive skin treatment for all patients with skin problems bring more trip to the professional quality of medical beautiful skin, sensitive skin repair new age!

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