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How to properly use 308nm laser to treat vitiligo


1. The principle of treatment of 308nm laser

The light beam of 308nm laser directly acts on the dermis of the leukoplakia to induce apoptosis of T lymphocytes to achieve the therapeutic purpose, solve the problem of destruction of melanocytes from the root, and stimulate the residual melanocyte proliferation and promote vitamin D3 production. Provide a good growth environment for melanin proliferation. For all types of white spot patients who are not suitable for melanin planting, unsuitable drugs, pregnant women with leukoplakia, and children with leukoplakia, the 308nm laser therapy device is the first choice.

2. Instructions for use of 308nm laser

(1) Vitiligo is a pigment-degrading skin disease that is difficult to cure. It is difficult to achieve full pigment recovery by other methods. The 308nm laser energy is directly, concentratedly and effectively applied to the affected part to avoid illuminating normal skin, thus ensuring targeted rapid response in a short period of time. Usually 10 times for a course of treatment.
(2) According to clinical statistics, 90% of patients have pigmented islands in one course of treatment, but the efficacy varies from person to person. The efficacy of patients with irregular treatment will be significantly reduced. There are only a few patients who are sensitive to light and other methods are recommended.
(3) Do not rub the leucorrhea before laser treatment, and clean the local skin, otherwise it will hinder the penetration of light and affect the effect.
(4) During the treatment period, cooperate with the doctor to closely observe the appearance and duration of erythema, reflect the actual situation to the doctor, adjust the appropriate dose, and strive to achieve the desired effect in the short term.
(5) During treatment, pay attention to protect the affected area from ultraviolet rays in the sun to cause damage to melanocytes.
(6) Because different individuals have different sensitivity to light, very few patients may have erythema, blisters, and pigmentation after treatment, which is a normal reaction. Don’t panic, talk to your doctor and adjust the dose.
(7) The 308nm laser treatment system is currently the highest-end device for the treatment of vitiligo in the world, but the effects are still different. I hope that patients can actively cooperate with the treatment and get good results at an early date. It is the common wish of doctors and you.

3. What kind of people is suitable for 308nm laser

(1) Patients with white spots on the face, neck and limbs.
(2) The age of onset is less than 18 years old, and the vitiligo patients with weak constitution have better curative effect.
(3) The system has no harm and side effects, so it is suitable for pregnant women.
(4) For the vitiligo in the advanced stage, the treatment with 308 nm excimer is excellent.

308nm vitiligo treatment

308nm vitiligo treatment machine: NiuBaiKe 308nm laser Handheld 308nm laser

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