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ВПЧ заболеваний, связанных с кожей и клинические часто задаваемые вопросы

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a small type of DNA virus that mainly infects the skin and mucous membranes (such as the anal genitalia, oral cavity, nasal cavity, pharynx, and larynx mucosa), causing benign and malignant lesions of various skin mucosa. Около 5% of cancers worldwide are associated with HPV infection. Среди них, cervical cancer is a typical malignant tumor caused

Достижения в области исследований по Патогенез вируса ветряной оспы

Varicella-zoster virus(VZVhas neurotropic and cutaneous characteristics. The initial infection of the virus manifests as varicella and latent state. When stimulated by various incentives, the latent VZV reactivates and replicates a lot, and the peripheral sensory nerve and the unilateral cutaneous ganglion innervated by the nerve react with each other, causing erythema and clustering. Blisters and neuralgia. The manifestation of herpes zoster(HZ) …

Как отремонтировать чувствительную кожу

As the environment deteriorates further, external pollution such as smog has caused a great degree of harm to everyone’s face. Whether it is external hydration or internal hydration, it is difficult to penetrate the bottom of the skin. Many female skins are sensitive throughout the fall. They all show redness, зудящий, сжигание, покалывание, зуд и герметичность, and even more with

Прогресс в диагностике и лечении хронических язв кожи

Chronic skin ulcers are skin-defective lesions deep in the dermis and subcutaneous tissues caused by various causes, and are common skin lesions in the clinic. For patients with a disease duration of more than 1 month without significant healing tendency or frequent recurrence, it is called chronic skin ulcer(CSU). Many diseases can be complicated by CSU, such as diabetes, peripheral vascular

Исследование о ходе корреляции между инфекцией и псориазом

Psoriasis is a common cause of chronic inflammatory skin disease with unclear pathogenesis. В последние годы, more and more researchers have found that infectious factors play an important role in the development of psoriasis. This article reviews the role of streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, and Malassezia in the development of psoriasis. The clinical heterogeneity of psoriasis and obvious multi-gene inheritance indicate

латентный, Рецидивирующие инфекции и профилактика вируса простого герпеса,

The herpesvirus family is a double-stranded DNA virus with an envelope structure. The length of the viral genomic DNA is about 120-240 kb. According to biological characteristics and genomic structure, the herpes virus family can be divided into three subfamilies: α, β and γ. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is a subfamily of alpha, widely distributed in nature, can infect humans

Общие Вирусные заболевания кожи у детей – корь, Рука, Ящура и экзантемой Subitum

корь, children’s acute rash and hand, foot and mouth disease are common viral skin diseases, which are often caused by children, but not only for children, but also for adolescents and adults. The main treatment is antiviral, supportive therapy and symptomatic treatment. клинически, these viral skin diseases have some atypical symptoms in addition to typical symptoms, especially for some young

Текущий статус и классификация вирусных заболеваний кожи

The virus is the smallest pathogenic microorganism known to date, and can cause a variety of systemic infectious diseases, which are highly harmful. Viral skin disease refers to skin mucosal lesions caused by viral infection, such as herpes simplex, опоясывающий герпес, chickenpox, sputum, и т.д. After the virus invades the human body, it has special tropism for various tissues, and has

Китайская Ассоциация превентивной медицины

Профессиональный комитет дерматологии и профилактики ЗППП и контроля, Chinese association of preventive medicine The 3rd national academic annual conference and the 16th military dermatology academic conference held a wonderful meeting The third national annual meeting of the special committee of dermatology and STD prevention and control of the Chinese preventive medical association and the 16th military dermatology academic conference

Достижения в области исследований по действию межклеточной Липиды и Ламеллярных органам на кожу непроницаемой

Epidermal intercellular lipids and lamellar bodies involved in lipid transport are the material basis of the skin permeability barrier, and these lipids mainly include ceramides, холестерин, free fatty acids and the like. The lamellar bodies formed during the differentiation of keratinocytes play an important role in the transport of lipids from the granular layer to the stratum corneum. When the skin

Идентификация пятнистого псориаза и отрубевидный Rosae путем отшелушивающих клетки в области сыпи с прозрачной лентой

Псориаз является полигенна, иммунозависимое, хронический, рецидивирующий воспалительный disease.Drip кожи псориаз является одним из псориаза, и его клинические проявления в основном эритема, папулы и scales.The этиология отрубевидный гозеит не ясно, и некоторые ученые считают, что это связано с инфекцией человеческого типа вируса герпеса 6 (ВГЧ-6) и человеческого типа вируса герпеса 7 (HHV7), который …

Эффект РМ2,5 на уровне аутофагии кератиноцитов человека

PM2.5’s introduction In the process of cell metabolism, there are the synthesis and degradation of proteins and other macromolecules as well as the update of organelles. There are two ways to degrade substances in cells: proteasome and autophagy.Some scholars have proposed that autophagy is the basic stress response of cells to ensure their survival under harsh conditions, and it can

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