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All kinds of Sensitive Skin treatment Scheme


General sensitivity, Hormone sensitive dermatitis, chemical dermatitis, acne pox skin, sensitive skin after laser surgery, and other sensitive skin.

Here is the sensitive skin treatment scheme with ShuMin Star Machine/

1.Skin consumables.

Sensitive repair milk 6-10g/ times, but also can add Shu sensitive repair essence (such as Salvia miltiorrhiza essence, red ginseng peptide, etc.) 1-2ML/ times, and continuously add water, the amount of water used for single treatment Is between 30 and 50ml.

2.Time setting.

15-20min, specific time should be adjusted according to the patient’s condition and operation proficiency.

3.ShuMin Star Machine setting.

Sensitive treatment 0-4 shift, after symptoms relieve, appropriate shift to higher, patient tolerance the warm is ok.

ShuMin Star Machine setting

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