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9 kinds of common skin disease


Beautician is a dream job for many girls, but not every girl can become a excellent beautician in all kinds of problems. To a professional beautician, they should not only understand professional beauty technique, and know clearly about the professional knowledge that concerns with beauty. So this industry is not so easy to do. Beauticians have a good knowledge of skin, which is also to help consumers quickly identify the cause of skin care and to ensure the correct way to deal with customers’ skin problems.

Common skin disease

  1. Macula

This is very common skin disease, which appears the symptom of tinea capitis, pruritus on the skin. At the same time accompany the skin color change which causes the skin surface to have different shape color lump.

  1. Pimple

The skin appears to be needle-sized or about 0.5cm stiff. Such small bags eventually develop into blisters, pustules and other symptoms.

  1. Pustule

The abscess begins with a papule, then the outer hair follicle begins to erupt into inflammation, and the central core produces white rice grains of pus.

  1. Scales

Especially in autumn and winter, the skin often appears abnormal dry condition. Inflammation of the skin can lead to complete desquamation of the epidermis due to excessive keratosis. Because desiccation can lead to skin powdery abscission, serious large skin appears desquamate symptom.

  1. Erosion

After the appearance of blisters, pustules broken, the skin appeared scab, scab skin.When the scab skin is damaged by friction, the skin loses its epidermis and becomes exposed in the air, which may lead to erosion.


Common skin disease in women

  1. Freckle

Freckles are common appears among women and often occurs on the face. Its size just like needles and appearance is dark brown and black, gradually becoming more serious after puberty. It’s painless and itchy, but it can affect a woman’s beauty.

  1. Acne

Acne commonly known as comedo, whelk. It is hair follicle, sebaceous glands inflammation. But mainly folliculitis damage, often appears on the skin blackhead acne and other images, except in the face, chest, back and so on.

  1. Seborrheic dermatitis

It is a very common chronic inflammatory skin disease. Seborrheic dermatitis occurs frequently in areas with excessive sebum secretion, such as the scalp and face. There are also patches of skin covered with fatty scales, or scab skin will be accompanied by exudation. And because it appears on the head, face and so on, it often affects the appearance.

  1. Chloasma

It’s also called liver spots, although it can appear on men’s faces.But it’s common in women with facial problems. It is distributed symmetrically on the back of the nose, cheeks, etc., in a butterfly shape. The causes of chloasma in women are also different. Pregnancy, uterine disease, sun exposure, liver disease, etc. all can affect the increase of pigment in the skin.

In conclusion, skin will not only have different symptoms, but also cause different etiologies due to different symptoms. During the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems for customers by beauticians, they must master the basic problem after the medicine, to provide the best care for customers.

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