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How to treat neurodermatitis?


Causes of neurodermatitis
1. Stimulating factors: such as drinking alcohol and coffee and other hot stimulants, or taking some of the drugs in the nervous system and panties, scratching and other local irritation are incentives.
2. Neuropsychiatric factors: Due to emotional fluctuations, mental hyperexcitability, melancholy, anxiety, terror, or neurasthenia results in a disorder of the cerebral cortex that causes dysfunction of the peripheral nerves of the anus. When the skin becomes irritated, the skin tends to respond to moss-like changes.
3. disease factors: digestive system diseases, endocrine disorders, etc. are also important incentives.
4. Gastrointestinal dysfunction: The dysfunction of the endocrine system and the sensitization of chronic focal infections in the body may also be the cause of neurodermatitis.
5, local stimulation of neurodermatitis caused by: If the collar caused by excessive friction, chemical stimulation, insect bites, sun exposure, scratching, etc., can induce neurodermatitis.

Neurodermatitis care
1. Never scratch the affected area with your hands or hot water. Doing so easily damages the skin and enlarges the area of the affected area. If there is really no way to endure itching, it can be relieved by cold or water washing.
2. Patients with neurodermatitis should maintain a relaxed and happy mood. Because of the psychiatric factors of the onset of neurodermatitis, patients with such diseases do not need to worry too much, as long as appropriate measures are taken, neurodermatitis will soon heal.
3, pay attention to a balanced diet and strengthen physical exercise helps recovery of patients with neurodermatitis.
4, neurodermatitis is often from the onset of the disease, so control the disease in the early stages of the disease. Patients should pay attention to various taboos, to prevent the disease from expanding as much as possible, and increase the difficulty of treatment.

DianFu Star machine Technology and Principle
1.The subversive star uses the strong oxidation of reactive oxygen radicals generated during the glow discharge.Deactivates bacterial denaturation or coagulation.
2.Highly active particles act on human skin,Supplemental cellular reactive nitrogen oxide particles,Increase cell activity,To enhance the absorption of nutrients by cells,Stimulate cell collagen regeneration,Eliminate wrinkles,Repair damaged cells.
3.Highly active particles purify the skin deeply,Gradually dissolve melanin and activate cells,Deep cleansing of the skin,has an effect of freckle,Regulate cell function from the inside out,Reduce skin sensitivity,Fundamentally improve and solve many problems of skin.

DianFu Star Clinical Three Major Fundamental
1.Plasma hemostasis fundamental
Compared to traditional electrocoagulation,One of the biggest advantages lies in the direct coagulation of collagen fiber elements.It is 15 times faster.Another dominant organization does not vaporize,Deep bleeding tissue can be automatically confined by a film formed by the dehydration of the surface tissue layer to form a protective film that coagulates.
2.The fundamental of filling pits

The use of particle beams causes slight skin peeling. The area is wide and shallow, the area of peeling is large, the grinding effect is also obvious, and the non-exfoliation effect is deeper, that is, the effect of “cut peaks and fill valleys” is more obvious.
3.Plasma promotes skin regeneration fundamental

Utilizing plasma energy to generate thermal effects, a new technology for resurfacing the skin surface, acting on two thermal effect bands in histology, the first being a thermal injury zone, which can extend from the epidermis to the dermal papillary layer depending on the size of the energy, inactivate the cells.The second is the thermal change zone below it.At this point, the cells are still alive,However, the thermal denaturation of denatured dermal collagen causes immediate tissue contraction,The thermal destruction of elastic fibers and the activation of fibroblasts promote healing.At the same time, highly active particles supplement active nitrogen oxide particles to promote the achievement of goals.

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