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YCZK06 Golden Radiofrequency Needle


■Treat Eye Orbital Wrinkles Treatment
■Treat Wrinkles around the mouth
■Treat Neckline
■Treat Nasolabial folds
■Treat Pox Pits
■Treat forhead and glabella wrinkles and folds
■Treat Acne Scar
■CFDA certificated(equals to US FDA certification)



  • Specifications

Golden Radiofrequency Needle


Eye Orbital Wrinkles

Eye Orbital Wrinkles Treatment

Wrinkles around the mouth treatment

Wrinkles around the mouth

Neckline treatment






nasolabial folds treatment

Nasolabial folds

Pox Pits Treatment

Pox Pits

forhead and glabella wrinkles and folds treatment

forhead and glabella wrinkles and folds





Crow's feet treatment

Crow’s feet

Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

Forehead Wrinkle

Acne scars treatment

Acne scars




Relaxation-type wrinkles (forehead wrinkles, forhead and glabella wrinkles and folds, crow’s feet, periorbital wrinkles, nasolabial folds, neck lines, neck lines),Acne scars, large pores, Stretch marks,striae distensae,bromhidrosis

2.Treatment efferts photos.

Case 1

Acne scars treatment

Acne scars,before treatment






Acne scars treatment

Acne scars,during treatment









Acne scars treatment

Acne scars,after treatment








Case 2

Acne scars,before and after treatment

Acne scars,before and after treatment






Case 3

Acne scars treatment

Acne scars,before and after treatment






Case 4

Skin tightening treatment

Skin tightening treatment








Case 5

Underarm Odor Treatment

Underarm Odor,before and after Treatment





3.Working and treatment principle


Gold microneedle RF is the use of microneedle energy precise role in different depths of the skin target tissue, stimulate collagen restructuring and regeneration; for the treatment of sunken skin damage effect is significant, such as concave holes, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and pores and so on. Gold microneedle RF solve the traditional treatment of uncertain depth, serious skin damage, energy attenuation and other issues, to effectively avoid crushing and color depth and other complications.

Way of working                      Effect principle

Fine insulated needle  ⇒        Focal lesion effect
Dot matrix output       ⇒         Microchannel effect

Locating Radiofrequency   ⇒  Collagen regeneration

Transdermal administration  ⇒Maximize the role of the drug

2)Golden RF treatment needle head

Dot matrix arrangement 5 * 5/7 * 7/9 * 9 microneedles

Dot matrix arrangement 5 * 5/7 * 7/9 * 9 microneedles

Dot matrix arrangement 5 * 5/7 * 7/9 * 9 microneedles

Dot matrix arrangement 5 * 5/7 * 7/9 * 9 microneedles






3) Golden RF micro-needle working principle

Step 1st Handle flat contact with the skin

Step 2nd Microneedles automatically into the skin for 0.02s






Step 3th Micro-needle release RF energy for 0.03 ~ 0.10s

Step 4 Microneedle automatically exits the skin







Step 5th Microneedle micropore short-term open

Step 6th Smear / Leading-in / penetration of liquid







4) Collagen Nascent Diagram

Acne scars treatment





1, Collagen neogenesis: 3 days to 1 month after treatment, fibroblasts continue to release collagen, collagen synthesis continued, collagen layer to be added.

2, Collagen consolidation period: 1 to 3 months after treatment, with the collagen regeneration, the number increased, arranged more dense, damaged collagen layer is replenished, aging loosened the skin to be further repaired.

3, collagen stable period: the entire course of treatment, the collagen number and status will remain high for 3 months


Golden RF microneedle

The depth of precision adjustable— Targeted

Golden RF microneedle

Insulated needle bar
— Safe and efficient

Golden RF microneedle

Green intelligentCNC handle— Efficacy Confirming







Golden RF microneedle

Dual system optional
— Joint treatment

Golden RF microneedle

Medicine give through skin—-double effects







 Efficient. Experiments show that RF therapy can effectively stimulate collagen recombination, firming the skin, reduce wrinkles, higher satisfaction after treatment.

Safe. Golden RF Microneedle treatment system protects the epidermis to a level that is safe and effective, and safer than other non-intrusive treatments. In addition, there is no recovery after treatment, patients can resume daily routine, eliminating the need for other treatment considerations. The company is located in:

Long-lasting.After treatment, due to newborn collagen continues to produce continuously, the skin will be improved every day. And in 4-6 months or so to achieve more significant and satisfactory results.

6.Technology Features

1)Collagen immediately shrink

2)Long-term collagen newborn

Reconstruction of collagen and freshmen, such as: wrinkles reduce shallow, smooth skin, flexible, rejuvenated state.

7.Latice RF treatment principle

1)Patented matrix point-type bipolar RF transmission of RF energy.RF current flowing between the matrix point and column, forming a lot of bipolar RF reflow circuit.It uses the characteristics of different tissue surface of the skin to produce the corresponding thermal effect, the gasification of the epidermis to achieve Rejuvenation purposes, while stimulating collagen tissue, stimulate collagen regeneration and soft tissue reconstruction, to rejuvenation, closing pores, wrinkle firming skin rejuvenation effect.





2)RF current flows between the matrix point and column, forming a lot of bipolar RF return circuit







3)Bipolar radiofrequency treatment utilizes RF current from the excitation electrodes of 64 or 81 points in the middle of the head and back to the return electrode. Due to the lower stratum corneum moisture content, impedance, epidermal current return to the return electrode, in the stratum






  Technology Features Effect Treatment Features
Monopole RF Depth deeper; uncontrollable;

generally need to form a loop

 electrode;surface skin heat.

Wrinkle, firming, lifting 


High temperature,immediate 

effect is significant,poor comfort,

need epidermal anesthesia.

Bipolar RF Shallow depth; uncontrollable;

generally half of the two levels,

forming a loop with the handle;

surface skin heat medium

Lifting, soothe small wrinkles,

skin rejuvenation

Gentle, the effect of general,high

 comfort,maintenance purposes.

Golden RF 


Depth deep, according to theneedle

 length controllable,tip 

discharge, to avoid skinoverheating.

Acne pit acne marks,scars 

concave hole,stretch marks,

underarm odor and so on

Intelligent control,instantaneous 

discharge,the effect is significant,

minimally invasive.


Acne scars treatment























10.Testing and inspection equipment

Acne scars treatment

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