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Sensitive Skin Go Away(1)


Every time the weather changes, the season changes, the contact with stimulating food, the sleep is not good or too tired to remove the makeup, some girls can’t help panicking because they are sensitive skin people. The subject of the sensitive skin is almost endless around the year. Severe sensitive skin can not even make up, and they will have itching burning sensation and other abnormal feelings when they contact with external stimulation. It is more like a subjective disease, you can feel itching and burning only by yourself, the other people will just see your cheeks flushed. The symptoms of the sensitive skin are as follows:
1) You still feel dry no matter how much water you have moisturized;
2) The dark circles are getting worse and worse;
3) You will desquamate seriously because of the changes of seasons and places;
4) Red rash with no indication;
5 )Inexplicable sneeze;
6) Skin can’t absorb the skin care products;
7) Red plateau on face always exists;
8) Acne continual comes.

If these are the symptoms that you’re suffering right now or you have been plagued by it for years, you’re definitely sensitive skin. But there is a difference between the innate sensitive skin and the short time sensitive skin. So you should figure out your skin situation then suit the remedy to the case.

Which kind is your skin as follows?
1).Drying sensitive skin
Your skin is always dry and rough.When you use skin care products your skin will be sting itchy and sometimes get red. Dry skin results in the decrease of defense capability. You can solve it by removing the excess sebum to moisturize your skin.
2).Oily sensitive skin
Whelk always appears on face or back. And the inflammation redness is more often. Even dry cheeks are inevitable.The reason is that the skin protection function is reduced due to the excessive attachment of sebum and moisture. You can solve it through removing the excess sebum and add sufficient moisture.
3).Pressure sensitive skin
Before or after the period of insufficient sleep or menstrual, the skin care products will become unapplicable and the skin condition will become worse and worse. This situation comes with endocrine disorders caused by various external stimuli or hormonal imbalances. Internal regulation and external maintenance is the best solution.
4).Permanent sensitive skin
For example allergic dermatitis or the sensitivity of spice pigment and so on. A specific irritant can cause an allergic reaction. It can be dangerous if you still follow your routine skin care. It will be better to go to the clinic and use the recommended care products.
Is the sensitive muscle unable to improve? Absolutely not, as long as you can find suitable living style for yourself and the skin care products that suits your skin type. At the same time cooperate with the instruments will give great improvement.Just like this one – ShuMin Star machine which is the leader of these instruments. It is the saviour of sensitive skin. It can help patients to repair skin barrier function in short period, stimulate skin collagen regeneration, restore skin health status, and directly attack the root of sensitive skin.

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