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YCZK07 RedBlueYellow Light machine


■Treatment of Herpes zoster
■Treatment of Bedsores
■Treatment of Phlebitis
■Treatment of Erysipelas
■Promote granulation tissue growth
■Varicose veins lead to pain and ulceration
■CFDA certificated(equals to US FDA certification)

  • Specifications

1.Instrument Introduction

The Red-Blue Light Machine (model: KL – K1 – II), is a kind of semiconductor solid-state lighting system for physical therapy and treatment, physical therapy and the treatment mechanism is the light of the LED light immune effect, the light The chip light is composed of high-power red light, blue light unit, is made by a series of red and blue light, does not produce high heat, will not burn the skin, the light energy into energy in cells, accelerate the process of Cell growth cycle, stimulate collagen fiber cells, anti-inflammatory swelling, improve blood viscosity promoting blood circulation, etc.
The red light unit of the Red-Blue Light Machine produced by our company can output nearly 99% red light, and the red light irradiates deeply into the dermal layer of the skin, so as to stimulate the autoproliferation of collagen tissue in the dermis and The red light with a wavelength of 630 nm ± 10 nm has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source and uniform energy density, which has a significant effect in repairing damaged inflamed and swollen skin and Is called bioactive light.
The wavelength of blue light is 465 nm ±10 nm, which has the effect of rapidly inhibiting inflammation. It can reduce the formation of acne and inflammation to the maximum extent without damaging the The skin tissue.
The Red-Blue Light Machine produced by our company is suitable for various skin rehabilitation treatments, such as acne, superficial skin inflammation, herpes zoster, breast hyperplasia, soft tissue infection, ulcer, suppurative infection, acute inflammation and burn surface healing , etc., all of which have certain efficacy and will not cause any harm or discomfort to the skin.
The instrument is easy to use, low environmental requirements, easy to move, safe and simple. Patients will not affect the use of the instrument. Users can correctly operate the instrument after proper training.

RedBlueYellow light equipment  uses a new narrow light source, the application of the most advanced cold light therapy technology. RedBlueYellow light equipment is a new phototherapy technology that is painless, non-invasive and highly effective in the treatment of dermatitis, folliculitis, acne, burns And bed sores and other diseases with high output light intensity, uniform energy density and high light source purity. And it can be used in a multi-departmental age group and the hospital.


High-intensity and stable light output
Uniform energy density, high purity light source
Fast, effective, warm and no need to recover time


Dual wavelength phototherapy instrument a wide range of clinical indications.

Herpes zoster, alopecia areata, ulceration of the lower extremities, bedsores, phlebitis, erysipelas, dermatitis, folliculitis, acne, paronychia, rosacea, itching of the anus, frostbite and various genital warts

Burn department:
burn, burn wounds, diabetic wounds, bed sores, promote granulation tissue growth, skin graft survival, eliminate scar itch

Diabetic foot, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis

Wounds with metal fasteners, amputation wounds, bone wounds, non-union fractures, soft Tissue injuries, sports injuries

General surgery:
Surgical incision fat liquefaction, artificial fistulas, inflammation in the body after minimally invasive surgery, pain, eczema on the wounds

Neurology and surgery:
Scalp wound after craniotomy, peripheral nerve injury, bedsores, edema

Vascular Surgery:
Venous catheter impotence non-healing, vascular damage, varicose veins lead to pain and ulceration, phlebitis

Radiation tissue necrosis, radiotherapy wounds, postoperative wounds, oral ulcers, pain, phlebitis

Large area wounds, crush injuries, drug eruptions, bedsores

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Postoperative fat liquefaction, non-healing incision, tumor postoperative wounds, post-breast wounds, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease
Trauma wounds, crush injuries, drug eruptions, bedsores Large-area trauma wounds, crush injuries, drug eruptions, bedsores

Hemorrhoids after surgery difficult to heal wounds, perianal abscess drainage after surgery, acute pain, perianal erosion

Various acute inflammation, wound ischemic injury, complex refractory wounds, deep wounds in vivo, ulcers, sinus, soft tissue
Weak inflammation, edema, muscle and bone atrophy and other degenerative diseases

4.Trection Effect Comparison

RedYellowBlue light

Acne rosacea/brandy nose treatment









RedYellowBlue light

Acne Treatment









RedYellowBlue light

Pressure Sore Treatment









RedYellowBlue light

Decubitus Ulcer Treatment









Sterilizing &Remove Acne
REDBLUEYELLOW’s blue wavelength of 465nm, is the fastest and effective treatment of inflammatory acne wavelength. The principle is blue light treatment of skin lesions when the skin enzyme within the excitation of porphyrin release a large number of single-activity gas, which play a At the same time there is a biological effect of blue light regulation, can inhibit the secretion of sebaceous glands to varying degrees, reduce the lesion degree, inhibit the recurrence of lesions And promote tissue repair. After a long period of clinical observation, it was confirmed that blue light 465nm is a kind of high purity, strong penetrating but does not hurt the normal skin light. It has no side effects, is the best band for Bactericidal acne.

Promote wound moist healing

1, The use of RedBlueYellow light equipment ‘s 630nm red light therapy, the photodynamic and human tissue mitochondrial absorption spectra resonance, resulting in a series of photochemical reactions and photodynamic stimulation. Photodynamic energy is absorbed in large quantities by mitochondria, activating cytochrome oxidase ( Cyt) in cytochromes in mitochondria, producing efficient enzymatic reactions and enhancing cellular metabolism.

2, Red light can also increase the generation of reactive gas (ROS) . ROS can be used as a signal molecule to promote cytokines (GF, FGF, VEGF, etc.), such accelerating granulation tissue growth and wound healing.

3, In injury or lesions, with 630 nm wavelength of high energy narrow-spectrum red light can make N0 and oxidase separation, such increasing oxygen and cytochrome oxidase (Cyt) combination to improve the energy metabolism of chronic wound cells, Accelerate wound healing.

4, RedBlueYellow light equipment is high energy and low heat. It focuses on cytochrome oxidase, and only absorb the 630nm band, will not cause local warming heating. It can promote the microcirculation of the body fluid and ensure the moist state of the wound, And can penetrate 3-5cm of the granulation tissue, the crust and the normal skin tissue to achieve the deep treatment effect in the body.

RedBlueYellow light equipment produces photochemical effects on the skin and underlying tissues, accelerating inflammation and reducing serotonin synthesis. REDBLUEYELLOW EQUIPMENT Effectively suppresses neurological irritation caused by diseases or mental disorders such as inflammation and relieves acute and chronic pain.

6.RedBlueYellow light equipment working diagram.


7.Detailed Introduction of Red,Blue,Yellow light Function and Principle.

Red Light—The wavelength of red light is 630nm. Its high purity, strong light source and uniform energy density can be active act on dermis, accelerate blood circulation, promote skin metabolism and stimulate collagen growth. 360nm red light can increase skin elasticity, Repair sensitive skin, whitening tender skin, shrink pores.

Yellow Light —- yellow wavelength of 590nm for sensitive skin and skin in the allergic period have a good mitigation and treatment. 590nm yellow light can promote the restoration of the skin’s brick wall structure, speed up the skin barrier repair function.

Blue Light—-A narrow spectrum blue light with a wavelength of 465nm is used to kill the anaerobic bacterium propionibacterium acnes by releasing a large amount of singlet reactive oxygen species to the porphyrin in the skin enzymatic area when treating the skin lesion. It Can effectively treat skin acne, acne, smallpox and so on.

8.RedBlueYellow light equipment characteristics

The world’s most advanced light technology
US SET company imported high density semiconductor integrated module, uniform optical density, light source pure, high optical power, quick, no high fever side effects.

Efficient cooling system
RedBlueYellow light EQUIPMENT can control the temperature below 26 °C, and can work long hours and the irradiation energy without any attenuation, to achieve higher temperature control efficiency, and fully protect the high performance and stability of the equipment.

And Cosmetic Industry apos Largest Medical Optical Power Density.
RedBlueYellow Light has EQUIPMENT The World apos Largest Optical Power Density, Rapid Promotion of Cell photobiochemistry, Excellent Clinical treatment to Enhance Technology The Effect.

Suitable effective area, fully meet the clinical variety of complex and refractory wound treatment

Significant clinical effect
Can speed up the healing of wounds and ulcers, shorten the clinical treatment time. For routine clinical treatment
The curative wounds with poor curative effect or no curative effect have significant curative effect.


Power supply AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
Relative humidity ≤85%
Work environment 5°C~40°C
Atmospheric pressure 86-106kpa
Light source Luminous diode
Timing range 0 to 99min. The range is adjustable, the deviation is not more than 5%.
Irradiated surface temperature ≤40°C
Rated power input 500VA
Fusible cutout F3AL250V
Peak wavelength of output light Red light: 630 nm ± 10 nm; Blue light: 465 nm ± 10 nm;
The maximum power density at the spot center at the irradiation distance of 10cm Red: High 80mW/cm2±16mW/cm2;

Middle 60mW/cm2±12mW/cm2;

Low 30mW/cm2±6mW/cm2.

Blue: High 180mW/cm2±36mW/cm2;


Low 60mW/cm2±12mW/cm2.

Degree of penetration resistance Common equipment that does not prevent liquid entry
Mode of operation Continuous operation


Red light : 630nm

Yellow light :590nm

Blue light : 465nm

Maximum power density

Red light:

80mW/cm 2 ±16W/cltf

200mW/cm 2 ±16W/cm 2

300mW/cm 2 ±16W/cm 2

Yellow Light:

80mW/cm 2 ±16W/cm 2

200mW/cm 2 ±16W/cm 2

300mW/cm 2 ±16W/cm 2

Blue light:

180mW/cnf soil 32W/cm 2
250mW/cm 2  士16W/cm 2
300mW/cm 2 ±16W/cm 2

Temperature: 5 ° C -40 ° C

10.Quality Testing Instrument

RedYellowBlue light
























RedYellowBlue light















































































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