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YCZK04 Semiconductor laser and excimer 308nm for vitiligo treatment


■ Treat vitiligo,scleroderma,psoriasis, erythema,fibromatosis,1 time is effective.
■ Treat genital sclerosis atrophy moss, flat moss.
■ Treat systemic lupus erythematosus, generalized chronic eczema, atopic dermatitis.
■ High light power,high stability
■ No side effects, wide use of the crowd
■ High economy earnings
■ CFDA certificated(equals to US FDA certification)

  • Specifications

1.General Introduction of excimer 308nm 365nm laser therapeutic apparatus

Name: NIUBAIKE  excimer  machine–Semiconductor laser better than 308 nm excimer laser

NIUBAIKE: Leading edge – laser technology of vitiligo and psoriasis treatment.

Excimer 308nm 365nm laser instrument, is the latest development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched a global laser technology equipment. Excimer 308nm aluminum gallium nitride semiconductor crystal light-emitting laser technology.

With high efficiency, high cure rate, zero side effects, treatment without dead ends, safe and reliable. It emphasizes the accuracy and targeting of treatment. The intensity of light radiation is 100 times that of ordinary Violet light, which can clear the lesion in a short period of time and increase the patient’s tolerance. Is the world’s top treatment of vitiligo, scleroderma, psoriasis, erythema equipment.

Purple light: 308nm 2nm (stimulate melanocyte proliferation and promote melanocyte production;Inducing T cell death;Promote the production of vitamin D3;Activation of pseudo catalase (311 nn) at the wavelength of narrow spectrum of laserhas a significant effect on the treatment of skin Diseases such as vitiligo and psoriasis, which belongs to pure physical therapy. laserphototherapy apparatus can emit the light with the wavelength of 311 nm, most of which can be absorbed by the epidermal tissue, so it has significant biological effect on the skin and other tissues .

Violet light is 365 nm + / – 5 nm (for her lesions) 340-400 nm for A1 period of 320-340 nm for A2 section, the main reason is the long wave ultraviolet A1 segment have enhance the cellular immune function of artificial cells Cause by ultraviolet B period of early apoptosis, laser rays is the most active part of the ultraviolet radiation biological activity mostly absorbed by skin only small part of the skin papillary layer so that the skin is very important in photobiology.

This instrument is easy to use, low environmental requirements, easy to move, safe and simple, patients will not affect the use of the instrument, the user can correctly operate the instrument after proper training.

In view of the instrument using the mature technology, no new technology, about the purple light therapy apparatus of literature research and the analysis of the evaluation, and adverse events related to a device information should be very rich. And purple light therapeutic clinical risk is Low, so the clinical evaluation to adopt the way of literature retrieval, can explain purple light therapeutic instrument safety and effectiveness in the clinical application, can be written application submitted from clinical trial data, can be submitted to declare products with similar products already on the Market, so the clinical literature evaluation and product material equivalent to typical model products.


This product is suitable for the arrest and treatment of ultraviolet light in dermatology patients, and can be used for psoriasis, vitiligo, neurodermatitis, pityriasis rosea, scleroderma, eczema, hair folliculitis, herpes zoster and other skin diseases.

The instrument is a non-invasive, non-implantable device that contacts with the outside of the skin and cannot be used to extract human body.

The clinical application is dominated by long-wave ultraviolet (308/365nm) and medium-wave ultraviolet (308/365nm). In recent years, it has been found that the narrow-spectrum 308/365nm at about 311 nm is the most effective Part of UNB, which can more induce the apoptosis of T cells in skin lesions. The main treatment wavelength of our instrument is also 308nm±2nm and 365nm±5nm, while UVA is better for the treatment of skin diseases with UVA1 340nm-400nm, For which the instrument can emit 365nm 5nm and can deploy treat skin lesions.

Vitiligo treatment equipment


Vitiligo treatment equipment

Flat Moss






Vitiligo treatment equipment


Vitiligo treatment equipment

Lupus Erythematosus






Vitiligo treatment equipment

Chronic Eczema

Vitiligo treatment

Pigmented urticaria







3.Treatment Effect


4. Treatment theory

NiuBaiKe excimer 308 nm laser vitiligo machine

Through the direct effect of the 308 nm laser beam on the dermis of the white spot to the apoptosis of T lymphocytes, the therapeutic purpose is achieved, the problem of destruction of melanocytes is solved from the root cause, and the residual melanocyte proliferation is stimulated To promote the production of vitamin D3 , To provide a good growth environment for melanin hyperplasia. For all types of melanoma is not suitable for planting, not suitable for patients with white spots, pregnant women, white spots, white children, 308nm laser treatment is The first choice.

Vitiligo treatment equipment Vitiligo treatment equipment













1.Effective exposure area: 365nm: vertical irradiation, irradiation distance of 3cm (based on the outer plane of the outer shell of the ultraviolet light output window of the treatment handle), and the irradiation surface is a circular area with a diameter of 2.8cm.

308nm: vertical irradiation, irradiation distance 2cm (based on the outer plane of the outer shell of the ultraviolet light output window of the treatment handle), and irradiation surface is a circular area with a diameter of 2.8cm.

2. Irradiation intensity: 308nm: 2.7mw /cm2 0.54mw /cm2;

365nm: 180mW/cm2 20% and no more than 200mW/cm2;

3.spectrum: 308nm: 308nm 3nm; 365 nm, 365 nm + 3 nm;


5. NiuBaiKe excimer 308nm/365nm advatange

♦ The only way of continuous irradiation

♦ Enhance skin resistance and light energy absorption

♦ Treatment of vitiligo , 1 time effective

♦ The only semiconductor light patented technology

♦ No side effects, wide use of the crowd

♦ low rate of thermal damage, long life

♦ 2 invention patents, 2 utility model patents.

6. Treatment advantage

Psoriasis laser treatment machine Compared with the traditional treatment shorter course of treatment, quicker. Clinical validation shows that NIUBAIKE 308nm excimer laser cure rate as high as 90%. Vitiligo treatment of the entire process only 10- 40 times (about 5-20 weeks). NIUBAIKE308nm excimer laser superiority:
1, Short course, rapid response, the total effective rate of 90%.
2, Do not need to take other ancillary drugs, to avoid the side effects of the use Photosensitive Drugs of.
. 3, of The Effective Light Output Intensity, NO Light Side Effects, Safety and tolerability Good, Normal Skin NO Significant Effect ON, to Avoid The Traditional Broad-Spectrum UVB On May Lead to Skin Burns Probability and carcinogenic.
4,Zero consumables, the traditional import of laser equipment and traditional UV therapy to replace the optical fiber and lamp tens of thousands of dollars a year supplies Bobaike 308nm excimer laser indications: vitiligo, chronic eczema, atopic dermatitis, herpes zoster , Pityriasis rosea, Severe seborrheic dermatitis, erysipelas, palmoplantar pustulosis, alopecia areata, chronic skin ulcers and the like.

7. Cooperation hospital

Shanghai Dermatology Hospital

East China Hospital

Wuhan First Hospital

Hebei Province Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical College

Laiwu Institute of Dermatology Prevention

Shouguang Institute of Dermatology Prevention and Treatment

Dongping Dermatology Prevention Institute

Wuhan Institute of Dermatology Prevention

Tongxiang Dermatology Prevention Institute

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region dermatology hospital

8 Testing


Vitiligo treatment equipment

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