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Q. What’s the main beauty medical device you supply?
YICHAO reply: We have several beauty medical equipments and all of them are invented by ourselves.
They are ShuMin Star, DianFu star, SuDiao Star, NiuBaiKe, Golden Microneedling, RedBlueYellow lights,

Q.What’s the main function of ShuMin Star?
YICHAO reply: ShuMin Star mainly for the treatment of sensitive skin and the various symptoms. Such as skin allergies, neurodermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, cosmetic dermatitis, hormone-dependent dermatitis, seasonal facial dermatitis, facial recurrence dermatitis, solar eruption and the like due to dehydration of the skin, improper use of cosmetics. The main function of ShuMin Star is to use the 27Mhz eddy current field to increase the supply of oxygen to the skin, give the skin alot of water and repair the skin voucher function, so that the sensitive skin has the normal skin resistance.

Q What’s the main function of DianFu Star?
YICHAO reply: DianFu Star are very good at treating chloasma,age spots,freckle
Sunburn,dark spots,coffee spots,pregnancy spots,dissolved,micro-exfoliation,kill the fungus,bacterial skin disease,Viral skin disease,Inactivate cancer cells,neurodermatitis,eczema,onychomycosis,inflammatory pustular acne,not vaporization to stop bleeding,remove scar,hypertrophic scar,depression scars.

Q What’s the difference about YCZK07 Sudiao star RF beauty machine with other RF beauty machine?

YICHAO reply:

Here are the differences between SuDiao Star and other RF beauty machine difference. They are not totally the same.

1. YCZK07 SuDiao Star’s biggest energy can reach 200w, but GSD is much smaller. Even Thermage is only 100w. That’s why our handle bar is insulating. GSD’s output is smaller, so they use metal handle bar.

2. The theory of YCZK07 SuDiao Star is electric field. But other’s is electric current.

3. YCZK07 SuDiao Star’s handle bar is insulating. But other’s is not.

4. YCZK07 SuDiao Star’s pulse width is adjustable. It means the energy, working time and pause time is flexible and it can be adjusted according to different face conditions. From this side, YCZK07 SuDiao star is suitable for most of customers.

5. YCZK07 SuDiao Star can face-lift although during the skin sensitive period.

Q What’s the difference about YCZK04 NiuBaiKe machine and other similar vitiligo treatment machine?

YICHAO reply:

1.YCZK04 NiuBaiKe machine for vitiligo can continue release the energy.But other brand release by bunches so the energy is not uniform and the skin is easy hurt.

2.YCZK04 NiuBaiKe machine treat vitiligo,1 time can see effect.But other similar machines need to treat 10 times to get same effects.

3.YCZK04 NiuBaiKe machine has high energy conversion rate.The input power is 50W and output can reach100mw/cm².Other brands energy conversion is lower.Input is 1.5KW but output is only 50mw/cm²

4.YCZK04 NiuBaiKe machine combine 308nm and 365nm laser on one machine.

Q What’s the main function of RedBlueYellow light?
YICHAO reply: RedBlueYellow has very wide range of applications.

Herpes zoster, alopeciaareata, ulceration of the lower extremities, bedsores, phlebitis, erysipelas, dermatitis, folliculitis, acne, paronychia, rosacea, itching of the anus, frostbite and various genital warts

Burn department:
burn, burn wounds, diabetic wounds, bed sores, promote granulation tissue growth, skin graft survival, eliminate scar itch

Diabetic foot, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis

Wounds with metal fasteners, amputation wounds, bone wounds, non-union fractures, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries

General surgery:
Surgical incision fat liquefaction, artificial fistulas, inflammation in the body after minimally invasive surgery, pain, eczemaon the wounds

Neurology and surgery:
Scalp wound after craniotomy, peripheral nerve injury, bedsores, edema

Vascular Surgery:
Venous catheter impotence non-healing, vascular damage, varicose veins lead to pain and ulceration, phlebitis

Radiation tissue necrosis, radiotherapy wounds, postoperative wounds, oral ulcers, pain, phlebitis

Large areawounds, crush injuries, drug eruptions, bedsores

Obstetrics and Gynecology:
Postoperative fat liquefaction, non-healing incision, tumor postoperative wounds, post-breast wounds, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease
Traumawounds, crush injuries, drug eruptions, bedsores Large-areatraumawounds, crush injuries, drug eruptions, bedsores

Hemorrhoids after surgery difficult to heal wounds, perianal abscess drainage after surgery, acute pain, perianal erosion

Various acute inflammation, wound ischemic injury, complex refractory wounds, deep wounds in vivo, ulcers, sinus, soft tissue
Weak inflammation, edema, muscle and bone atrophy and other degenerative diseases

Q What’s the main function of Golden Microneedle?
YICHAO reply:Golden Microneedle treats melanin Firming,Tightening,Timing, Large pores,Acne scars,Stretch marks,Expansion pattern,Skin,tension,strikingeffects,knee wrinkles,skin tightening,Eye Orbital wrinkles,Neckline,nasolabial folds,pox pits,forhead and glabellawrinkles and folds,crow’s feet, Forehead Wrinkle, Acne scars,Underarm odor, stimulate collagen restructuring and regeneration.

Q Is it areliable company?
YICHAO reply: Wuhan YICHAO technology equipment engages in R&D, sales and after-sales services of aesthetic devices & medical laser high technology equipments, . We have aprofessional team integrating with optics, machinery, electricity and medicine, to keep us ahead on in this field. YICHAO factory covers 3000M2and has more than 100 employees. All provide YICHAO is areliable manufacturer and suppliers.

Q What about the delivery?
YICHAO reply: we can offer the door to door services by air or by sea, just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX… by air; and the seatransportations.

Q What’s the delivery time?
YICHAO reply: 3-7 days.

Q What’s package?
YICHAO reply: strong and beautiful aluminum alloy case/carton case/wooden case.

Q Do you have any timely technology supports?
YICHAO reply: we have aprofessional technology supporting team for your timely services. We prepare the technical documents for you, also you can contact us by telephone, wechat, whatsapp,viber skype ects.And also customers can visit us for training.We also supply payable visiting training.

Q.What kind of certificates your machine have?
YICHAO reply: Most of our equipments have CFDA certification.And our customers in China are 80% hospital esthetics department.They are very safe.

Q What’s the payment method?

Q If the machines broken during the shipment, will you support us?
YICHAO reply: generally our customer will purchase the insurance before shipment, avoid any money lost from rough transportation. YICHAO will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.

Q Do you have OEM / ODM service?
YICHAO Reply: Yes, we will provide OEM, ODM service ; about the details , we can negociate in detail : )!

YICHAO company culture is rich and colorful, we warm welcome you can come to visit the factory and become our partner, you will not only earn agood partner, and you can get alot!

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