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YCZK03 DianFu Star(Best Skin Scar Treatment Equipment)


■ Treat all kinds of scar
■ Bactericidal
■ Anti-inflammatory
■ Anti-infection
■ Most advatange medical equipment for treatment skin irritability
■ Dissolve melanin micro-exfoliation
■ Skin Moss Treatment
■ Cure neurodermatitis
■ Treat genital warts
■ Quick stop bleeding without creating Inflammatory factor
■ CFDA certificated(equals to US FDA certification)

  • Specifications

1.Applicable symptoms range

Skin Beauty
DIANFU STAR has a subversive function of removal deep wrinkles (head wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, etc.), eliminate acne pits, acne mark function. And can shrink pores, firming the skin.

Quick Stop Bleeding
DIANFU STAR can be non-contact hemostasis, coagulation area big, coagulation speed fast, completed within three seconds.

Bactericidal Anti-inflammatory,Anti-infection
Bacterial skin disease
Viral skin disease rash
Inactivate cancer cells

Dissolve melanin ,Micro-exfoliationFor melasma, age classes, freckles, sunburn, dark spots, coffee spots, pregnancy spots, such as dissolution and micro-exfoliation.

Skin Moss Treatment,Reapir Quickly
DIANFU STAR is very effective in treating neurodermatitis, eczema, nail polish, inflammatory impetigo and acne.

2.Treatment Effect Comparison

Skin Scar Treatment

Six treatment of Skin Scar by Dianfu Star

Scar Skin Treatment Equipment

30 days skin skin changes of 5 treatment by DianFu Star








Scar skin treatment equipment

4 tims treatment by DianFu Star of skin scar

Skin Scar Treatment Equipment

80 days after Skin Scar treated by DianFu Star 4 times.







DianFu Star has a clinically disruptive breakthrough.
DianFu Star 1 time treatment effect equivalent to four times of ultra-pulse laser spot effect.
DianFu Star advantage micro-exfoliation treatment, clipping peaks, remodeling pure
DIANFU STAR’s highly active substance quickly reaches the deep layers of cells, On e step for both compacting and rejuvenating.
Exclusive research and development – innovative periorbital pattern, the treatment of static patterns
The bleeding stop speed is 15 times quicker than the traditional electro-coagulation methord, usually within three seconds.
Disruptive freckle: through the function of plasma dissolving melanin,clean all kinds of spot from inner skin to outter skin, to achieve the effect of whitening rejuvenation.

Skin Scar treated by Plasma

Four forms of substance





4.General Introduction

The plasma of the DianFu Star is a species that takes free electrons and charged particles as its main component.

It is generally regarded as the fourth form in which matter is present except solid, liquid, and gaseous, and it is also a low-temperature ion beam. 99.9% of the matter in the universe are in the plasma state, such as Northern Lights, Fluorescent, Neon, Corona, Lightning and so on.

The reactive oxygen created by discharging plasma has a very strong oxidation.

Active oxygen free radicals can bactericidal anti-inflammatory, deep cleansing of the skin, increase cell activity stimulate collagen regeneration, repair damaged tissue.

DianFu Star plasma technology is by applying a voltage to the gas glow discharge to form a gas ion beam composed of ions, electrons, neutral particles, reactive oxygen species.

5.General Principle introduction

DianFu Star utilizes glow discharge to generate reactive oxygen radicals (including thermal energy, ultraviolet radiation, charged particles, neutral reactive groups such as singlet oxygen, ozone, nitrogen oxides, hydroxyl radicals, etc. and high voltage electric fields) ,through high-speed particle flow, instantaneous penetration of bacteria cells, destruction of cell wall structure to increase cell permeability or rupture, induced apoptosis of diseased cells. At the same time, highly active particles act on the human skin, complementing the active nitroxide particles of the cells and increasing the cell viability.

DianFu Star strengthens the skin’s absorption of nutrients, stimulates the regeneration of cell collagen, to eliminate the effect of wrinkles.

DianFu Star gradually dissolves melanin, repair damaged cells, the skin deep purification, activation of cells, so as to achieve the role of freckle.

DianFu Star adjusts cellular functions from the inside out to reduce skin sensitivity and fundamentally improve and solve many skin problems.

6.All different skin problem treatment principle.

1) Plasma hemostasis

Plasma coagulation compared with traditional electrocoagulation,the lagest advantage is it direct coagulate the collagen fibers. Plasma coagulation speed is 15 times faster than other normal coagulation speed. Another special advantage of plasma coagulation is it won’t cause skin tissue vaporization and coagulation protective film depth can be automatically limited by dehydration of epidermal tissue layer. Dry skin tissues are neither carbonized nor vaporized due to inert chemical inertness of inert gases.

2) Fill Pit Remove Scar

DianFu Star uses glow discharge to form a plasma discharge that is plasmatized to act on the skin, resulting in a slight exfoliation of the skin. The micro-peel zone of DianFu Star is broad and shallow with a wide range of stripping, a more pronounced grinding effect and a deeper non-exfoliation effect , That is, “cutting peak filling pi” function is more obvious.

Scar Skin Treatment Equipment

Scar Skin Treatment Equipment






3) Plasma treatment of skin regeneration

Plasma regeneration technology is a new technology which uses plasma energy to generate thermal effects on the skin surface to rebuild skin.

Plasma-skin regeneration techniques produce two distinct histological bands of thermal effects on the skin. The first thermal effect zone is a thermal damage zone. The second thermal effect zone below the thermal damage zone is the thermal change zone.

The thermal damage zone can stretch from the epidermis to the papillary dermis according to the energy, which makes the cells lose their activity. Cells in the heat-altered zone remain viable, but thermal deformation of the degenerative dermis causes immediate tissue contraction, thermal destruction of the elastic fibers, and activation of fibroblasts to promote cascade of wound healing, resulting in the regeneration of collagen and the degeneration of solar elastic tissue The reduction.

At the same time, highly active particles act on the human skin, complement the active oxygen and nitrogen particles of cells, increase cell activity, enhance the absorption of nutrients, stimulate the regeneration of cell collagen, and achieve rapid nascent skin.

4) Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti infection

The use of sterilization factor in plasma (including the heat, ultraviolet radiation, charged particles, neutral reactive groups such as singlet oxygen, ozone, nitrogen oxides, hydroxyl radical and high voltage electric field) on the skin, let microbial exposure to germicidal factors, destruction of the cell wall structure, increase its permeability or rupture, leakage.,the contents of lipid oxidation.

And Lipid action by singlet oxygen on bacteria and fungal cells act on target tissue and form oxidative damage leads to lipid peroxidation,and leading to the death.

Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti infection risk is low, no side effects.

Skin Scar Treatment Equipment

DianFu Star Working Principle











Subversive creation, creating a “plasma era”.
Set off a new wave of skin revolution, subvert the traditional treatment model.
Not just a leader, but a subversive leader.
Disruptive leading global high-tech more than three years.
Disruptive leading-edge industries more than five years of high-end projects.
A high-tech that represents the country’s competitiveness.
A golden age to open the plasma green beauty.
In the efficacy and comfort have a subversive breakthrough instrument.

8.Instrument features

Quick sterilization, purify the skin from the inside out, healthy green anti-aging.
Quick hemostasis, direct coagulation of collagen fibers, within three seconds to stop bleeding.
Wrinkle effective rate of 100%, improvement rate of 50-100%.
Treatment, no vaporization, no carbonation, no smoke, no inflammation.
No pain, no swelling, no infection, quick, non-toxic side effects.
By dissolving melanin, so to clean the stains and future spots.
The perfect treatment of treatment and beauty.

Skin Scar Treatment Equipment








1) Compared with erbium laser

Depth of stripping deep, once in the 100-150 dermal lesions mainly non-exfoliative, no redness and color Shen, so the skin inflammation, light, no vaporization, no carbonation, no pain.

2) Compared with picosecond laser

No bleeding, dissolve pigment, no swelling, no burst.

3) Compared with ultrapulse carbon dioxide laser.

No smoke, no odor, no bleeding, colorless, no swelling, no carbonation, no vaporization.


Skin Scare Treatment Equipment






11.Photo of DianFu Star










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