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China Preventive Medicine Association


Professional committee of dermatology and STD prevention and control, Chinese association of preventive medicine

The 3rd national academic annual conference and the 16th military dermatology academic conference held a wonderful meeting

The third national annual meeting of the special committee of dermatology and STD prevention and control of the Chinese preventive medical association and the 16th military dermatology academic conference concluded in nanning yuda international hotel, Guangxi.

More than 600 people from many famous experts and skin disease and venereal disease prevention and control fields attended this grand meeting.

This conference not only inherits the classics in form and content, but also brings forth new ideas.The congress is always focused on the research frontier, presenting the latest developments and results of basic research and clinical practice in related fields of dermatology, STD and CDC in China and the world.

In recent years, wuhan science and technology co., ltd. has been continuously strengthening technology and management innovation, focusing on physics and radio frequency research and development, with strong independent research and development and sales and service capabilities, and has a number of national patents.Technical services, lecturer training, marketing planning and a series of services have been recognized by more than a thousand customers, but also more and more attention.



ShuMin Star: show-experience

ShuMin star series products in the medical beauty industry in recent years has achieved long-term development, remarkable achievements, steady development.With good product performance and market operation ability, we have occupied a decisive position in the field of medical aesthetics.In addition, there are rf microneedles, bovine white gram therapeutic apparatus and other instruments on site.

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28th June, 2019

Project: “observation on the repair effect of targeted cultivation products of plant stem cells introduced by short wave radio frequency on acne skin”

Lecturer: professor Cai Hong, air force characteristic medical center


Group photo of all staff

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