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What’s the most popular wholesale salon equipment in China?


What is the most popular beauty equipment in China today? There is no doubt that that is the ShuMin Star

With the increasing pursuit of beauty in the world, the abuse of various beauty products, and the improper use of cosmetic minimally invasive surgery and instruments, skin whitening problems have increasingly appeared in white collar women around the world.

Although cosmetics can improve various symptoms of the skin and make the skin beautiful, most cosmetics contain ingredients that stimulate skin and cause skin sensitivity. In particular, some cosmetics containing hormones, if used improperly, will make the skin away from opium as it does. Hormone-containing cosmetics used at the initial stage will be very supple. Once the use of this cosmetic is over, the skin will have skin problems. The symptom is that once the skin is deactivated, there will be sensitive symptoms, and if you continue to use it, the sensitive symptoms will disappear. If you continue to use it, the problem of skin sensitization is further aggravated and cannot be disabled. In the end, there was a very uncomfortable situation with no use, and basically there was no drug that could be completely treated.

Many modern women, even men, use hot Thermage ultrasonic knives or radio frequency to solve the problem of loose skin and wrinkles. The common point of these therapeutic instruments is the stimulation of skin collagen regeneration or the reorganization of fascia layers by thermal energy. These high-energy heat energy on the one hand stimulates collagen regeneration and stimulates the fascia layer, on the other hand it causes the skin to lose water and become dry. According to our daily experience, once the skin is very dry, it will be itchy, which is actually a symptom of skin sensitivity. Therefore, in fact, such instruments increase the probability of skin sensitivity from the source.

For the treatment of skin diseases, the world has experienced two revolutions. The first time was the use of hormones, and the second time was the use of retinoids. At the moment we all know that both treatments have their side effects. These two skin revolutions treated skin diseases to a certain extent, but they also produced a byproduct of sensitive skin.

Of course, there are many reasons for the skin’s sensitivity. Simply analyzing it from the perspective of the skin, we have found that there is usually one thing in common: the damage to the skin barrier. Why is damage to the skin barrier causing skin sensitivity?

1 If the skin barrier is damaged, it will not be able to better withstand external stimuli such as allergens and sunlight. This kind of skin is usually more sensitive to allergens, or flushes when the sun is shining.
2 The skin barrier is damaged and moisture in the skin cannot be locked. The underlying cells supply the same amount of water to the skin, but the amount of evaporation is greatly increased. When the skin is in a state of water shortage for a long time, the itchiness and burning sensation will be aggravated.
3. The skin barrier is damaged, the structure of the skin’s brick wall is destroyed, the skin becomes thin, and the sebum contained in the brick wall structure is reduced or lost, and the skin is more fragile.
4.Impaired barrier function, such as excessive skin rejuvenation, exfoliative treatment, frequent topical corticosteroids, and heavy metals, increase the incidence of melasma.
5. The barrier is damaged, the natural sun protection function of the skin is reduced, the UV effect is enhanced, and the pigment synthesis is stimulated.
6. The barrier is damaged, the internal environment of the skin is disturbed, and the exogenous stimuli cause the inflammatory reaction of the skin to continue to stimulate the pigment synthesis.
7.Damage to the skin barrier can also cause other skin problems, so to treat skin sensitivity from the root, we need to rebuild the skin barrier so that the skin has its own resistance. At the same time, the skin barrier is called the third revolution in dermatology!
The birth of the ShuMin Star is just the right time!

ShuMin Star is currently the only instrument in China that can reconstruct skin barriers without using drugs to treat sensitive skin. And there is no sequelae. It has made a significant contribution to solving the world’s skin problems. ShuMin Star is the most popular beauty equipment in China in various beauty salons,private hospitals, public hospitals, plastic surgery hospitals.It has CFDA certification and effective and safe. ShuMin Star can bring loyal customers to the hospital and can treat sensitive skin that could not be treated before. It is currently the hottest beauty equipment. With the ShuMin Star , it is the trend of leading the skin beauty department.

Why did ShuMin Star rebuild the skin barrier? Please visit other articles.

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