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Six tricks for the best face tightening procedures to create a perfect compact face!


This set of face tightening massage procedures can be performed in the evening, because it is the best time to rest and repair the skin before going to bed at night. It not only doubles the effect of face tightening, but also improves the condition of the skin, helps to accelerate the self-renewal of the skin at night, and regains self-repair ability. .

Step 1: After the face wash cleansing lotion, apply a proper amount of skin care products. Pay attention to smear along the skin texture and massage from the center of the chin, the sides of the nose, and the center of the forehead to the sides.

Step 2: Everyone is often easy to ignore the neck when doing face-lift massage, in fact, this also plays an important role in the overall face-lift. Use your hands and palms to gently massage the neck from the bottom up.

Step 3: hands and palms from the forehead and the center pulled open and caress until the parotid gland lymph, you can also gently click along the cheek, not only to help face-lift and relieve fatigue, retreat the role of skin dull.

Step 4: Use your fingers and middle fingers to gently stroke from the inner corners of your eyes to your temples, and gently press them.

Step 5: both hands with the index finger and middle finger stroking from the person to the buccal lymph, but also can be gently click. This step can effectively dispel the dirty toxins on the face and help accelerate the face-lift effect.

Step 6: hands with his thumb against the jaw, bending the index finger from the middle of the mandibular pinch to the rear lymph, but also can be gently click. This step can effectively repel facial edema and firm skin.

If you cannot adhere to the above method, it is recommended that you use the SUDIAO STAR machine. SUDIAO STAR machine controls the production of inhibin when the plasma energy acts on the epidermis. The epidermis collagenase constructs immature collagen, accelerates cell division, and triggers Cell regeneration. At the same time, the plasma energy field uses the electrical resistance generated by the skin to generate thermal energy, which directly causes immediate contraction of collagen when it acts on the dermal tissue, stimulates the dermis to secrete more collagen, and again holds up the skin support and restores skin elasticity.

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