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Six Keys to Sensitive Skin Care(1)


Sensitive skin is problematic skin that can be sensitive to any type of skin. Just like all types of skin may have the problem of aging and acne, etc. It is well known that the pathological change of sensitive skin is the thinning of the cuticle and the red reticulation of the skin after the subcutaneous capillary dilatation. What can we do to solve this problem?
1. Choose the right makeup.
For allergic skin people, they should be especially careful with choosing cosmetics. Generally speaking, you should do sensitive suitability test before use the makeup. It is first applied to the ear or the inside of the arm. We can use it after several hours’ observation if has no allergy symptoms. In addition, cosmetics should be used continuous after the confirmation. Do not change cosmetics frequently.
2. Do not exfoliate.
Cuticle and keratinocytes are one of the most important causes of skin sensitivity. Therefore, the first principle of maintaining the sensitive skin is to protect the cuticle and keep the skin healthy. The products containing the abrasive particles should be avoided. If you must use it you should pay attention to the intensity and frequency of use. It is recommended to use at least 10 days’ time.
3. Strengthen daily protection.
Because the skin layer of sensitive skin is thinner which is lack of the defense ability of ultraviolet ray. It’s easy to be ageing. So we must pay attention to do sunscreen. However, we need to pay more attention to is that some sunscreen products is also easy to stimulate the skin factor, so it is better not to daub on the skin directly but to wipe after basic skincare product. Then daub sunscreen products.
4. Moisturize weekly care.
Sensitive skin cuticle is too thin to keep enough moisture. Especially in the air conditioning environment for very long time, sensitive skin is more sensitive to detect water shortage and dry than normal skin. Therefore, in addition to daily maintenance to strengthen the product’s moisturizing performance, we should also do weekly care. Massage and moisturizing mask are essential. The time of sensitive skin massage should not be too long, do not exceed 10 minutes commonly. Massage technique should not be overweight for fear of causing skin inflammation.
5. Avoid excessive nutrition.
Do not use oil moisturizing products. It is recommended choosing the fresh water formula moisturizing products. At the same time, it is not recommended to use products with fast effects at the beginning. Because high permeability and high activity can mean high risk and high susceptibility to sensitive skin. So, it is recommended that the sensitivity skin should be started with basic nursing series. The essence products should be started with a small amount, gradually increase the amount of it. Otherwise it will just bring skin greater burden.
Sensitive skin should be kept away from various factors that can cause skin irritation. Keep in mind the six keys to sensitive skin care, and believe that you will be far away from your sensitive skin!

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