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Cómo reparar la piel sensible


As the environment deteriorates further, external pollution such as smog has caused a great degree of harm to everyone’s face. Whether it is external hydration or internal hydration, it is difficult to penetrate the bottom of the skin. Many female skins are sensitive throughout the fall. They all show redness, Comezón, ardiente, estremecimiento, picor y tirantez, and even more with signs such as erythema, escamas, y telangiectasias, which is very troublesome.

If you have these symptoms, then you are most likely sensitive skin.

1. Causes of sensitive skin

There are many reasons for sensitive skin, the following are the most important:

1)Excessive sun exposure

2)Frequent use of make-up

3)Excessive exfoliation

4)Frequent use of mask

Sensitive skin can effectively improve the repair. Por supuesto, daily skin care is the most important thing. Sensitive skin is mostly caused by damaged skin barrier and poor tolerance. Por lo tanto, when choosing skin care products for external use, try to use simple and safe skin care ingredients. Mainly for the purpose of repairing the skin barrier.

2. The usual solution for sensitive skin

1)The first is to do a good job of sun protection, not only physical sunscreen measures should be in place, but the use of sunscreen is also critical. Por supuesto, it is best not to be active in areas exposed to sunlight to avoid damage to the skin caused by UV rays;

2)Choose a mild cleansing product, the oil will not be washed once at night, and the oil can be used sooner or later;

3)Do a good job of moisturizing, recommend moisturizing products every morning and evening, it is best to choose safe and gentle skin care products, such as choosing some medical skin care products: Avene, La Roche-Posay, Bedmar, Yuze, etc..

4)If it is not a special case, please don’t apply it every day or apply it n times a day. Bajo circunstancias normales, you have to give your face hydration, 2-3 times a week is enough! Use some medical beauty masks as appropriate. This mask has two advantages over the normal mask. One is sterile and the other contains a repairing growth factor that helps speed up the repair of the skin barrier.

5)The old dead keratin that is not normally metabolized is going, but not too often. Our skin metabolism usually takes 28 days from the basal layer to the stratum corneum. Por supuesto, as we age, the metabolic turnover will also slow down.

3. Physical therapy for sensitive skin

As the saying goes, “3 points for treatment and 7 points of maintenance”, the skin barrier damage is not caused by a day or two, of course, repairing the skin barrier is not completed in a day or two. So in addition to doing the right care in daily life, we can also do some physical treatment.

ShuMin Star is a brand-new patented product for sensitive skin repair treatment. It utilizes patented technology of military radar eddy current field and patented technology of super strong water ionization to directly attack the root cause of problem skin, aliviar la inflamación, barrera de la piel de reparación, inject oxygen and revitalize skin, thus achieving “ The effect of a treatment, immediate results.

Because of its remarkable effect, high comfort, safety and easy operation, after more than 1000 clinical certifications, Shumin estrella puede reparar la función de barrera de la piel, stimulate skin collagen renewal, restaurar el estado de salud de la piel, and directly touch sensitive roots of skin. A blank for the treatment of sensitive skin in China.

Note: As of July 2019, Wuhan University Affiliated Hospital, Primer Hospital de Wuhan, Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Hospital, Beijing 301 People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, Beijing Military Region General Hospital, China Medical University First Hospital, El Hospital Huadong de Shanghai, Central South University Xiangya Hospital The top 20 national public hospitals such as Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, and the Ninth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, ShuMin Star accounted for 18 and private institutions more than 100.

4. Introduction of ShuMin Star

4.1 It can carry out more clinical treatment projects

1)Rehabilitation treatment of sensitive skin

2)Cosmetic dermatitis repair

3)Hormone-dependent dermatitis repair

4)Reduce red blood

5)Rehabilitation treatment of solar dermatitis

6)Rose acne seborrheic dermatitis repair

7)Diffuse telangiectasia and facial flushing

8)Dry skin, peeling and hydrating, whitening and blemishes

4.2 Three technical principles, direct sensitivity to the skin

1)Relieve inflammation

The 27MHZ eddy current electric field can increase the local blood oxygen supply by 3-5 veces, effectively enhance the phagocytic function of phagocytic cells, promover la circulación sanguínea, aliviar rápidamente la inflamación y restaurar la vitalidad de la piel; when it acts on the skin, it can make the local potassium concentration of the skin Lowering, the calcium ion concentration increases rapidly, which accelerates the repair of the skin’s barrier function.

2)Repair the skin barrier

①Water ion generator ionizes ordinary water molecules into charged ionized water by displacement current. This active charged ion water is more easily absorbed by the skin, so the water replenishment is larger, and the single hydration can reach 20~40. ML.

②Focusing vortex electric field changes the potential distribution of cell membrane cross section, affecting the concentration of electrons and ions between cells, thereby expanding the spacing between cells, rapidly opening the water ion and water protein channels of the skin, effectively enhancing the permeability and transparency of the skin. Sexually, instantly hydrates to the deeper layers of the skin. (ie innovative technology based on electroporation transdermal delivery)

③Under the influence of displacement current, quickly replenish the moisture and lipids required by the skin.

3)Oxygen injection and rejuvenation

ShuMin Star is able to inject high concentrations of pure oxygen into the basal layer of the skin at 2-3par pressure. During the treatment, you can inject oxygen and nutrients into the deep layer of the skin, effectively accelerate cell metabolism, mejorar la piel hipóxica, and instantly restore vitality, la humedad y el brillo.

4.3 With a treatment plan, deep problem solving

According to the actual situation, the treatment plan is combined to achieve better efficacy. The following is the reference application.

Sensitive Skin: Sensitive Repairing Lotion + Mineral Water

Facial treatment time: 15-20 minutos / time, energy 0-4 levels.

Treatment setting: al menos 6 veces / course of treatment (7 before and after 3); generally 8-10 veces / course of treatment

Dry desquamation skin: sensitive repair lotion + mineral water + moisturizing hydrating or essence products (such as small molecule hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, etcétera)

tiempo de tratamiento: 20-30 minutos, energy 0-8 levels.

Treatment setting: 8 treatments, 5-7 days apart

Whitening spots: sensitive repair lotion + mineral water + whitening spots anti-oxidation products (such as L-vitamin C, vitamin C oil, tranexamic acid, tranexamic acid, etcétera)

tiempo de tratamiento: 15-20me (sensitive milk + agua, energy 6-8 files) after full treatment, and then use left-handed VC, tranexamic acid, etc.. for 5 minutos (energy 4-6 levels)

Treatment setting: 10-12 times a course, 5-7 days apart

Anti-inflammatory acne: mineral water + sensitive repair lotion (anti-inflammatory acne products or drugs (such as some metronidazole available during inflammation)

tiempo de tratamiento: 25-30 minutos

Treatment setting: 8 times a course of treatment, 3-5 days apart, can be

promoted for a long time

Wrinkle Firming: Sensitive Repair Lotion + Mineral Water + Anti-Aging Serum Extracts or Drugs (eg Hyaluronic Acid, Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Milk, Rejuvenating Milk, etcétera)

tiempo de tratamiento: 30-40 minutos

Treatment setting: 12 treatments, 5-7 days apart, can be used for long-term care

cloasma: Sensitive Repair Lotion + Mineral Water + Hirudoid Ointment + Snow Melon Ointment

tiempo de tratamiento: 15-20 minutos

Treatment setting: 5-7 dias

4.4 Efficient and accurate, better results

4.5 Clinical case picture display

All of the above are patients with very serious clinical manifestations. They can be seen clearly from the comparison pictures before and after treatment. Whether it is the previous flushing or color sinking, it is also a good improvement. This is why ShuMin Star is sought after by the hospital. the reason.

The ShuMin Star series products have achieved long-term development in the medical beauty industry in recent years, with outstanding achievements and stable development. With good product performance and market operation capabilities, we have occupied a pivotal position in the field of medical beauty.

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