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How does summer avoid spot accentuation?


The hot summer is coming, and beautiful ladies start to use umbrellas. Because we all know that summer is prone to sunburn, become black and even produce color spot. The spots may appear after one or two exposures. UV damage to the skin is always cumulative.
Blackening is skin’s self-protection
The skin is able to make melanin itself, and if this synthesis is reduced, the skin becomes sensitive. Many European countries have higher rates of skin cancer than black Africans. This is the reason. Melanin actually protects our cells from harm.

UV stimulation causes melanin production
Everyone has pigment mother cells in the skin’s epidermis that creates melanin pigment. When UV rays hit the skin, the skin will be in a state of “self-protection”. UV stimulates the melanin pigment and activates tyrosinase activity to protect our skin from damage. Tyrosinase reacts with tyrosine in the melanin pigment to form a substance called dopamine. Dopamine is accelerated to become dopamine quinone by tyrosinase, the precursor of melanin, which is oxidized by tyrosinase and releases melanin.

Melanin deposits form sunspots
Under normal circumstances, the melanin produced during the metabolic process if normal decomposition and peeling, will not affect the skin color. Once the metabolism inside body is disordered, when sunshine insolates or endocrine changes, these melanin cannot metabolize in time go out, which can precipitate in epidermis bottom, make skin color changes black; If it is only partially deposited, it will form spots or make the original spots darker, resulting in sunburn.

What does the sunburn spot looks like?
Shape: oval, protuberant or smooth, with irregular boundaries.
Color: Dark brown is dominant, also have light brown.
Position: Easy to appear in most areas of the face and arms, legs.
Symptom: Initial pain, itching, peeling, and later formation of color spots.

Small habits to prevent sunburn spot:
1. Choose sun protection index above 15+ foundation make-up and BB cream. Sunscreen is essential.
2.No matter sunny day or cloudy day we must wear a sunglasses. There are still ultraviolet rays on cloudy days.
3.The sun hat can’t be gone for a moment in summer.
4.Try to limit your trips during the summer.
5.Vitamin A, C, E has very good antioxidant effect. It is recommended to use much more. It can prevent the formation of black spots.

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