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YCZK04 Handhold 308nm Laser

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■ Treat vitiligo,scleroderma,psoriasis, erythema,fibromatosis,1 time is effective.
■ Treat genital sclerosis atrophy moss, flat moss.
■ Treat systemic lupus erythematosus, generalized chronic eczema, atopic dermatitis.
■ High light power,high stability
■ No side effects, wide use of the crowd
■ High economy earnings
■ CFDA certificated(equals to US FDA certification)

  • Specifications

Handheld 308nm laser introduction

Product Introduction

It was found that 308 nm ultraviolet light could promote the apoptosis of T cells activated in the skin lesions of vitiligo. After irradiation, T cells can undergo apoptosis and the skin damage will not only disappear completely at the visual level, but also return to normal Vitiligo is characterized by selective destruction of melanin cells and may be associated with autoimmune responses. Recent studies have shown that various cytokines and inflammatory mediators increase after exposure to UVB irradiation, suggesting that UVB induces pigment recovery. Ray at 365nm ±6nm has the function of enhancing cellular immunity, which can be used to prepare cells for premature apoptosis caused by ultraviolet rays, improve metabolism, epithelial regeneration and sterilization, etc.It is mainly for skin lesions.

2. Theory

The 308nm laser light-spots are directly on the dermal layer of the leukoplakia to act apoptosis of T lymphocytes for therapeutic purposes. The 308nm laser solves the problem of melanocyte destruction from the roots, stimulates the proliferation of residual melanocytes, promotes the production of vitamin D3 , and provides a good environment for the growth of melanin. For patients with leukoplakia who are not suitable for melanin cultivation and are not suitable for drugs, leukoplakia for pregnant women and leukoplakia for children, the 308nm laser therapy instrument is the first choice.
308nm laser working theory

3.UV Biophysical Properties

308nm laser uv biophysical

4. Ultraviolet Penetration Depth and Wavelength of Skin:

The penetration depth of UV rays to the skin is related to the wavelength.
1) UVC shortwave UV (200-275nm): Mostly reflected or absorbed by the stratum corneum.Only a small fraction can reach the spinous layer (the depth of penetration is Very shallow)
2) UVB medium wave UV (275-320nm): Most of the skin is absorbed by the epidermis. It is mainly absorbed by the spine layer, A small part up to the upper nipple layer of the dermis, (Penetration depth Is shallow)
3) UVA long-wave UV (320-400nm): a small part is absorbed by the epidermis, Most penetrate into the leather, The deepest reach of the dermis near the subcutaneous layer (deep penetration depth)
308nm laser wave length

5. Advantages

1) Semiconductor Crystal Lighting Technology, Single light source. There is no possible drift due to the luminescent medium being a gas, High irradiation intensity.
2) Electro-optical conversion rate is high. The energy consumption of the equipment is relatively low. time.Long the any treatment AT-Service Start Life.
. 3) Zero Consumables: There IS NO need to Change Lamps or tanks.Annual Gas Savings of TENS Lamps Replacement of the Thousands of right and Gas tanks.The Saves Money Investment.
. 4) Safe use, Anhydrous silver, no chlorine release, no toxic side effects,Suitable for delicate skin,Pregnant women and children can use.
5)Significant effect, a single light source to avoid infringement of invalid light, improve skin resistance of the patient site up to 5 times, so that the efficacy is five times the gas light source.
6) Separate 308nm lasers do not require adjuvants or Quickly the Remove intractable psoriasis drugs.Can OTHER and vitiligo.
7) the Handle Therapy at The CAN BE Adjusted ACCORDING to the Shape Area and Site of at The lesion, only to lesion at The Site, the without damaging at The Surrounding Healthy Skin.
8) at The Platform Combined with CAN BE a unique 365nm solid-state laser,Provide more treatments for vitiligo psoriasis.Better combination therapy.

6. 308nm Range of Efficacy

1) Immune related skin diseases: Scleroderma, psoriasis, genital sclerosis, atrophic moss, lichen planus, systemic lupus erythematosus, generalized chronic eczema, atopic dermatitis, polymorphous light eruption, pigmentary urticaria, hand Sweat herpes, presacral myxedema (thyroid dysfunction), allergic Dermatitis.
2) Proliferative skin diseases: hypertrophic scars, keloids, swollen crabs, neurofibromas, spastic granulomas, T-cell lymphomas.

7. 365nm Range of Efficacy

Scleroderma (limitation): It is an autoimmune diffuse connective tissue disease, a large number of collagen deposition in the subcutaneous tissue.
Pityriasis rosea: It is an autoimmune disease with a mother plaque in the beginning and a wide distribution of subsequent spots. Certain Seasonal, Self-Limited’s and constructions rarely recurring Features.
Crab Swollen: Scar Tissue left behind the After Wound Healing
Mycosis granuloma: It IS A of the type of epithelial cutaneous lymphoma It IS Characterized by at The Proliferation of Helper T cells, with Various Forms of erythema and. Invasive lesions in the early stages, and subsequent development into tumors.

8. Cases

308nm laser cases

9. FAQ

1).What’s the size of the machine?
Specification: 22cm*6cm*4cm
2).What’s the size of one time application or light spot?
Irradiated area: the diameter is 1 cm (It’s about the size of a dime)
3) . Operating the What’s at The Recommendation?
at The treatment head IS Vertically aligned to treatment at The Site and Covers Approximately at The Healthy Skin (1-2mm) ON at The Periphery. the Do not the Apply pressure, Arrange for irradiation, SO Covered’s with that at The Spots are at The Surface of The skin in order, with the overlapping between the spots < 10%.
4). Is it safe?
It’s semiconductor crystal luminescence. Energy is cumulative. There’s no tolerance problem. It can be adjusted for different person.
5).How long does One time treatment take?
The same, the time of face and private parts is shorter. The back, limbs and scalp are slightly longer. The specific irradiation time also varies from person to person.
6). Is there operation video?
Handheld operation is very simple. First set the time then put it on the patient’s disease area. Then countdown will automatically end, safe and effective. We will send it to you if you need.
7). What are the Recommendation for adult and child?
The children were irradiated according to the suggestion in the instructions, and the increase or decrease of energy irradiation was observed for the change of the patient’s disease area. Because children’s skin is relatively delicate, it is recommended to irradiate for half of the time refer to The operation.

. 8) The .Does the UV Radiation treatment of vitiligo Handheld Equipment have have Side Effects?
Ultraviolet Light in EXISTS The Sunlight, Ultraviolet Light that IS But Very Miscellaneous.
Our Niubaike IS A Pure 308 of the NM Ultraviolet Radiation Source. No Side Effects.
Because only WE The treatment of the small amount of skin, and one treatment time is 1-2 minutes, interval time treatment once. The amount of treatment is minimal compared to the amount of sunshine people get in a day, so there are no side effects.

9).How to deal with phototoxicity?
No phototoxicity. Because it’s ultraviolet.
Only long-term exposure to deep ultraviolet radiation at 200-265 nm can cause side effects on human body.

10).Is the miniature Niubaike charged or plugged in? Or battery?
Plug in. Because of the high power requirement, the battery life is not enough. We are the power cord under the excuse of USB.

11) .video ON treatment?
Because the this IS A treatment Instrument Mainly for Household use. At Present, WE do not have have Video of patients’treatment, only the Map Therapeutic Effect. Attached are some Tabletop Niubaike Comparisons for HIM. Operational Video WAS GIVEN Last time.

12 is) .main Points of use.
The When Treated, IT CAN BE or attached to The Skin A Small Slightly Separated by GAP. Been alive in the For, each IS Exposure Time 2 minutes. One minute of The REST IS. A FEW hours After irradiation, The Effect Will occur. Usually the skin will turn red or even blister. Wait until skin pigmentation is complete and blisters and scabs are completely healed before the next treatment.

13).Working life
It can reach 3000 hours.

14).What’s the technology of the handholded vitiligo treament machine?
It’s better then excimer 308nm.It’s semiconductor laser.

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