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Progreso de la investigación de la causa de la piel sensible

According to incomplete statistics, about one-third of people at home and abroad have suffered from allergic diseases in their lives, and women with sensitive skin in various regions account for more than 50% of the normal population. Sensitive skin is caused by a variety of reasons for skin allergies. En general, the initial symptoms of itching and scaling on thin and

Avances en la investigación Correlación entre HLA y la patogénesis del LES

Lupus eritematoso sistémico (SLE) is an inflammatory connective tissue dermatosis mediated by autoimmunity. It is characterized by the production of a variety of autoantibodies. The study of the pathogenesis of SLE mainly involves genetic, immune and environmental factors. The human leukocyte anti-gen (HLA) system is currently the most complex polymorphic system known to the human body. Since the first HLA

Avances en la investigación de la hormona-dependiente de la dermatitis

Due to the irregular application of glucocorticoid external preparations and the misuse of cosmetics containing hormones, the incidence of hormone-dependent dermatitis has increased year by year. We reviewed relevant literature and reviewed the etiology, patogenesia, manifestaciones clínicas, diagnosis, histopathology, and treatment of glucocorticoid-dependent dermatitis. Since external use of hydrocortisone in 1951, the clinical application of glucocorticoids has gradually become widespread, …

El efecto terapéutico de Shumin estrella RF combinada con hidroxicloroquina en la piel facial sensible

Objective: To investigate the clinical efficacy of ShuMin Star radiofrequency combined with hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of sensitive skin on the face. Methods: 98 patients with facial sensitive skin were randomly divided into two groups. Both groups were given a topical moisturizer (ShuMin moisturizer) once in the morning and evening as the basic skin care treatment for the disease. Oral hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets 0.22g, …

Progreso de la investigación sobre el papel de IL-33 en autoinmunes y alérgicas Enfermedades de la Piel

IL-33 (Interleukin-33) is a new member of the IL-1 (Inter-leukin-1) family, and ST2 is its specific receptor. Endothelial cells, epithelial cells, macrófagos, mastocitos, and dendritic cells can all produce IL-33, which can induce Th2 type cytokine gene expression by binding to the specific receptor ST2 and promote Th2-mediated immune responses. Recent studies have shown that IL-33 acts as an

Breve charla sobre el Concepto y experiencia en enfermería del vitíligo

Vitiligo is a common and frequent pigmented skin disease. The treatment of this disease is very difficult. Although there are many types of treatment drugs and treatment methods, most of them have unsatisfactory results. en adición, because vitiligo is a more stubborn skin disease, not only has a long course of disease, the treatment process is slow, and it is

El progreso de Investigación sobre Calidad de la Escala de Evaluación de vida de los pacientes con vitiligo

Although vitiligo does not endanger the patient’s life safety, the prolonged disease and repeated episodes cause huge psychological pressure on the patient, hinder the patient’s interpersonal communication, and significantly reduce the quality of life of the patient. Using the quality of life scale to assess the quality of life of patients is a common method to study the impact of

Comparación de la radiofrecuencia y el tratamiento quirúrgico de las axilas Olor

Underarm odor is a common clinical disease, and young women are more susceptible to the disease. The main symptom is that the armpit produces an unpleasant pungent odor. Underarm odor causes severe psychological burden on patients, so the treatment of underarm odor is also more common in plastic surgery. En el presente, the treatment methods for underarm odor mainly involve surgical

El progreso en la investigación de Clasificación y Tratamiento linfomatoide Pap-ulosis

Lymphomatoid pap-ulosis (Ly P) is a relatively common low-grade malignant cutaneous lymphoma, which is a skin CD30-positive lymphoproliferative disease associated with primary anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Ly P clinical manifestations of chronic recurrent, self-healing papules, nodules, pathological manifestations of epidermal or dermal metaplasia of lymphocytes, tumor cells express CD30 markers. The disease was first named by Ma-caulay in 1968, but

Análisis de las características clínicas y metabólicas de daño en las uñas en pacientes con psoriasis vulgar

Psoriasis vulgaris usually affects joints, skin and nails. The area of skin and joint damage has gradually gained clinical attention. A damage is often overlooked in clinical diagnosis and treatment. According to the study, 10% a 56% of patients with psoriasis have nail damage, and the proportion of patients with and only one lesion is as high as 1% a …

Relación entre el lupus eritematoso sistémico y la infección por citomegalovirus

With the in-depth study of the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythema-tosus (SLE), the intervention of new immunosuppressive agents and biological agents, the prognosis of SLE is significantly improved compared with the past, but some SLE patients still have no effect on conventional treatment. Good, the condition has not healed. After induction of high-dose glucocorticoids >1mg /(kg·re) or ≥1 cytotoxic drugs, el …

Pitiriasis rosada y la infección viral

pitiriasis rosada (PR) is an acute inflammatory erythema, papule, scaly skin disease. The main symptom of this disease is oval or round red or yellowish brown patches on the skin. It occurs in the trunk and the proximal end of the limbs. There are usually mother spots, and in a period of 1 a 2 semanas, there is a generalized

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