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Wuhan Yichao technologyWe are a team full of passion, ambition and dreams. We are also an active, energetic and united big family.
Our technical team not only technically in the forefront of the industry, we pay more attention to meet customer needs. We have our own professional software, medical, physical, optical and other technical personnel.
Our sales team is young and energetic. We are a group of aggressive young people. We hope that with the sale of good medical beauty equipment to achieve our dreams and dreams. We overcome the difficulties, for hard work, into our rights to meet customer needs.

Wuhan Yichao technologyOur goal is to bring technology to the medical and beauty industry. As a domestic high-end medical beauty equipment team, we have witnessed the development of the medical beauty industry, has accumulated rich clinical and technical experience, the formation of a scientific management system. Team members young and energetic, innovative and courage to meet the challenges. Have a good sense of social responsibility, is willing to the world medical beauty industry, contribute their own power.


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    0086 18162684887
    0086 18162684887
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    Skin Barrier Rebuild

    Sensitive Skin Treatment

    Skin Scar Treatment

    Acne Treatment

    Wrinkle Removal

    Leucoderma Treatment


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    Mobile: 0086 18162684887
    Wechat: 0086 18162684887

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