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Our Culture

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YICHAO Concept:
Skills consummate by science, Career success from dream

YICHAO Mission:
Strive for the beauty and health of human skin

YICHAO Vision:
Do a world-class beauty medical equipment service providers

YICHAO values:
Loyalty, thanksgiving, responsibility.

Brand Personality:
Safe, comfortable and efficient

Brand Assertion:
Have the advantages of others; Do not allow others shortcoming appear on our own.

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    0086 18162684887
    0086 18162684887
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    Skin Barrier Rebuild

    Sensitive Skin Treatment

    Skin Scar Treatment

    Acne Treatment

    Wrinkle Removal

    Leucoderma Treatment


  • Contact Us

    Mobile: 0086 18162684887
    Wechat: 0086 18162684887

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