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5 points difference of our Sudiao Star machine from other radio frequency beauty machine.


Yichao Sudiao Star beauty machine is different from other RF machine from the following 5 points.

1. SuDiao Star machine‘s biggest energy can reach 200w, but other similar RF beauty machine is much smaller. Even Thermage is only 100w. That’s why our handle bar is insulating.

2. The theory of SuDiao Star machine is electric field. Butother similar RF beauty machine is electric current.

3. SuDiao Star machine’s handle bar is insulating. But other similar RF beauty machine is not.

4. SuDiao Star’s pulse width is adjustable. It means the energy, working time and pause time is flexible and it can be adjusted according to different face conditions. From this side, SuDiao star is suitable for most of customers.

5. SuDiao Star can face-lift although during the skin sensitive period

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