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2018 hottest medical beauty machine,do you know what’s it?


Do you know what’s the 2018 hottest medical beauty machine?

Not Cryolipolysis slimming!

Not RF wrinkle removal!

But the sensitive skin treatment machine!

Why sensitive skin treatment machine is the 2018 hottest medical beauty machine?

Here list the reasons.

1.Skin sensitive potential market is huge.L’Oreal indicated that the world skin sensitive market is 50 billion yuan.

2.There were 1.460.000 “sensitive skin” messages on Google in February 2017, and there were 19.700.000 “sensitive skin” messages on Google.

3.80% women who usually go to beauty salon or cosmetic plastic hospital will have skin sensitive problem.

If your clinic or beauty salon can both treat skin aging and make the skin healthy,the client will be very loyal.

It will have high money return on the sensitive skin treatment.The client is rigid demand.

But there was no good methord to treat sensitive skin till ShuMin Star Machine born.

Why ShuMin star machine can treat sensitive skin well?


1.The eddy current field improves blood oxygen supply to skin

2. 27Mhz eddy current field increases calcium ion concentration but reduce potassium ion which can metabolic skin inflammation.

3.Ultra – strong electric penetration treats the skin hydration 20-40 ml at a time

4.ShuMin star machine can supply plenty oxygen to the skin, relieve the hypoxia of the skin.

5.Most importantly, ShuMin Star machine can repair the damaged skin brick wall structure, so that the skin has its own resistance.This function and technology is also the invention patent of shu min star, exclusive.

If you are a professional Dermatology doctor, you will believe the value of ShuMin star machine, because it can help you treat your patients and improve your therapeutic effect.

If you are an eyed medical beauty machine dealer, I believe you can see the value of ShuMin star machine, because it gives you a unique product that allows you to have the right to speak in your area.

If you are the dean of a beautiful beauty salon, believe you can see the value of ShuMin star machine, it will give you a few hundred times the rate of return on investment and get rid of the competition of low price services.

Come and take ShuMin star machine! China has hundreds of Hospital Department of Dermatology, beauty and plastic surgery hospital owning it. Everyone is flocking to it! If you are the first person in your area to have it, you can lead the trend of skin beauty and treatment. If someone in your area already owns it, don’t lag behind, or you will be eliminated by the tide.

We expect you to become our distributor and user.


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