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SuDiao Star Lifting instrument,quickly Skin tightening


When you want to fight against aging and tighten your skin, you must first understand the causes of aging. As the skin ages, the degree of activation of the muscle cells decreases, and at the same time, collagen is slowly lost as a key component of the underlying muscle, leaving the skin inelastic, dry, loose, and wrinkled. Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of aging, you must learn to start from the bottom of the skin to promote the proliferation of collagen, so that the skin continues to plump.

Five keys to determine muscle age: smoothness, firmness, wrinkle resistance, whiteness, and gloss.

Through beauty equipment,It can help you to observe the problems of skin root tightness and skin aging that are not observed by the naked eye.Then according to the condition of the skin indicated by the instrument,Make anti-aging solutions for your skin.

SuDiao Star Lifting instrument Clinical studies confirm:

The skin regeneration effect caused by SuDiao Star Lifting instrument plasma technology can rapidly activate senescent cells and dormant cells and completely improve the skin texture. It effectively promotes collagen in the dermis to continue to proliferate within one year after the end of the treatment process. Skin firmness is reversed, and the skin aging mechanism is reversed from the inside out. , to achieve a comprehensive transformation and anti-aging effect.

SuDiao Star Lifting instrument therapeutic principle:

When SuDiao Star Lifting instrument plasma energy acts on the epidermis, it controls the production of inhibin. Epidermis collagenase constructs immature collagen, accelerates cell division and initiates cell regeneration. At the same time, the plasma energy field uses the resistance generated by the skin to generate heat energy. The speeding star RF booster directly causes the collagen to shrink instantly, stimulates the dermis to secrete more collagen, again holds up the skin support and restores the skin. elasticity.

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