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How ShuMin Star Rebuild Damaged Skin Barrier?


Since PETER M.ELIAS, a professor at the University of California, founded the skin brick theory, the skin’s brick wall structure has been widely accepted by the dermatology and dermatology medical estates. The cuticle of the skin is equivalent to the brick wall structure. In 1983, Professor PETER M.ELIAS described that the stratum corneum of the skin (brick wall structure) plays an important barrier to the penetration of the epidermis. He proposed that the stratum corneum, which is located on the outermost layer of the skin, plays an important role as an epidermal barrier and describes it as a “brick wall structure.” That is, the keratin in the stratum corneum constitutes a brick in the “brick wall structure” and the intercellular lipids form a mortar in the “brick wall structure”. This stratum corneum in the stratum corneum cells intercellular inclusion of lipid composition of the lamina propria membrane structure to maintain our normal skin barrier function. Foreign can withstand the antigens, microorganisms, sunlight and other attacks, the body can prevent the body of nutrients, water loss.

When the skin appears sensitive symptoms, such as redness, itching, blood vessels, etc., in most cases, the skin’s barrier is damaged. Therefore, instead of treating various sensitive skin symptoms or blocking the contact of allergens, it is better to rebuild damaged skin barrier so that the skin can improve its immunity and resistance and fundamentally treat and relieve skin sensitization.

Damaged and complete skin barrier

Damaged and complete skin barrier

Damaged epidermal tissue

Damaged epidermal tissue










Complete epidermal tissue

Complete epidermal tissue









So how  SHUMIN STAR  rebuild damaged skin barrier?

27Hhz and 40Mhz ultrashortwave is a recognized ultra-shortwave in the field of repairing the skin barrier. they have

Quickly relieve the physical properties of skin inflammation (this is our patented invention). Shumin Star is the use of this principle to repair the skin barrier to achieve the purpose of the treatment of skin-sensitive.

It enables:

1) 3-5 times more skin oxygen supply, effectively enhance the phagocytic function of phagocytes, promote blood circulation, quickly relieve inflammation and restore skin vitality.

2)It acts on the skin can make local skin potassium ion concentration decreases, the rapid increase in calcium ion concentration, which can speed up the rebuild of damaged skin barrier function. It can repair 80% of the skin barrier in 24 hours. Supplement the skin between the “mud.” This skin barrier repair feature is exclusive.

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