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Sensitive skin problem is high,do you know best skincare products for dry sensitive skin?


Sensitive skin is a high-risk problem for modern women’s skin. If you want to have healthy skin, you must solve allergy problems in a timely manner.

What caused sensitive skin problem?
Usually 90% of sensitive skin are self-inflicted

Sensitive skin precautions
1. Do not eat these foods when you are surfing sensitive skin,such as beef, lamb, seafood and other foods, we must be alert and do not eat!
2. In the allergy,girs should better not to touch the cosmetics,let the skin breathe freely.Cosmetics will block pores,and increase the situation of skin allergy.
3. Keep your skin clean,do not wash face with too hot or too cold water,do not use irritating facial cleanser,use a mild cleanser to clean the skin.
4. Do not eat medicine indiscriminately,u should go to hospital when it getting serious.
5. Do not use alkaline detergent or soap when washing clothes,which will make your skin dry,and increse the skin allergy.

Therapeutic points for sensitive skin:
1. Looking for skin sensitive causes, out of allergens
2. Deal with allergic reactions (redness, swelling, pain, itching), reduce skin irritation
3. Maintain the moisture content of the stratum corneum, increase the number of skin keratinocytes, repair the damaged sebum membrane, and rebuild the skin barrier function

How to treat the sensitive skin problem?
Shumin Star is the skincare product for dry sensitive skin,it can solve the problem in three steps:
1. Iontophoresis repairs the skin barrier
Through super-ionizing and osmotic action, it can quickly replenish moisture and lipids needed by the skin, repair the function of water lipid membrane and skin keratinocyte, rebuild the structure of skin’s brick wall, restore skin barrier function, and stimulate skin collagen regeneration. Restores the skin healthy condition, enhances the skin the resistance to the external stimulation, thus achieves the effect.

2. Super strong ionization penetration and rapid replenishment
Shumin Star can ionize the water that is added to the skin into an ionized state, and through the principle of repulsion with homopolar ions, the ionized water is directly introduced into the basal layer of the skin within 5 seconds, providing water replenishment,water supply and lock water for dry skin, to achieve the purpose of reconstructing the skin water environment.

3. Oxygen injection technology – sterilization, anti-inflammatory
Inject pure oxygen into deep skin to effectively accelerate cell metabolism, sterilize and eliminate inflammation, improve hypoxic skin, promote metabolism and promote new life of stratum corneum, restore skin’s vitality, moisture and luster, and improve skin immune function.

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