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Golden RF Microneedling-A Magic Weapon to Keep You Young Forever


  1. Introduction of Golden RF Microneedling

Golden RF Microneedling improves wrinkles and pore problems with precise “gold microneedle technology”.The unique 6th generation radiofrequency skin rejuvenation gold micro needle peeler uses specially designed “micro gold radiofrequency needle” to quickly insert into the skin without damaging the epidermis, release high energy balance radiofrequency into the skin of the target tissue, and activate skin cell healing and rejuvenation.When the needle irritates the skin, the essence will be brought to the surface of the skin, and the combination of the two will activate the skin cells of each layer, accelerate the regeneration of collagen, experience the whole itching process, and the aged and keratinized dermis can be updated to achieve the effect of “skin changing”.The epidermis will not leave scar after treatment with gold radiofrequency microneedle, and it will return to normal soon.


  1. Golden RF Microneedling-Repair collapsed aged skin

Golden RF Microneedling is the 6th generation RF technology launched by our company. Gold RF can directly heat the deep collagen of the skin without any thermal damage to the epidermis.When collagen is heated, it continuously generates new collagen and elastin.The longer the time, the better the effect. A single treatment can last for 3 to 6 years.

Golden RF Microneedling uses a “golden microneedle” to penetrate deep into the skin. Different from the way that traditional electric waves transmit energy through the surface layer, the Golden RF Microneedling is like a missile system. The radio wave energy is released from the tip of the Golden RF Microneedling at the moment of reaching the dermis, directly injecting energy into the dermis layer, while avoiding the traditional radio wave. The problem of energy after entering the skin, providing the most accurate treatment. The needle part of the microneedle adopts unique insulating material to avoid burnt the epidermis; the microneedle probe adopts gold microneedle, which can not only stimulate the rejuvenation of deep collagen, but also repair the problem of aging skin (wrinkle, slack) which is collapsed and collapsed. Protect the epidermis and relieve the risk of burns. In order to bring more lasting beauty and less harm to the majority of beauty seekers, many large-scale plastic surgery institutions at home and abroad have replaced thermal Maggie instruments with 4D Golden RF Microneedling.


  1. Working Theory of Golden RF Microneedling

Golden RF Microneedling is made up of the design of “probe of microneedle, energy of rf, and piecewise technology of shuttle laser”.Golden RF Microneedling adopts the “golden micro needle” with a diameter of only 0.12mm to enter the deep skin, and meanwhile, the nutrient elements are applied on the surface of the skin and introduced into the deep skin through the micro needle.”Golden microneedle” in general like the missile system after getting into deep skin, insert needles into the skin in instantaneous vibration way, and quickly in 0.1 seconds will arrive rf energy leather moment of release from the tip of the “Golden microneedle”, directly to the complete energy injected into the dermis, make effective protein denaturation, restructuring, hyperplasia of collagen.The treatment with Golden RF Microneedling can not only effectively stimulate the regeneration of deep collagen, repair the aging skin (wrinkles and flabbiness), but also protect the epidermis and remove the risk of scald.


  1. The free combination of Golden RF Microneedlinghas better effect

Golden RF Microneedling used by radio frequency target probe, is specially designed amd m insulation micro needle, its length can also be used according to the level of depth skin automatic adjustment, rf energy through micro only in cutting-edge release energy when the needle is imported, and skin skin micro needle, won’t make the skin surface damage from any thermal insulation design, so the treatment is different from other laser instrument produces swelling phenomenon.


  1. Differences between Golden RF Microneedlingand ordinary RF
  • Ordinary RF

Ordinary radiofrequency beauty equipment locates tissue heating, promotes the contraction and tension of subcutaneous collagen, and takes cooling measures on the skin surface at the same time. The dermis is heated while the epidermis maintains normal temperature. At this time, two reactions will occur: first, the dermis of the skin thickens and wrinkles become lighter or disappear;Second, the morphological remodeling of collagen under the skin produces new collagen, and the skin becomes more compact after a treatment.

  • Golden RF Microneedling

Golden RF Microneedling combines microneedle minimally invasive, piecewise shuttle technology and radio wave function, using microneedle wave probe with adjustable depth.When the micro needle in the probe penetrates into the skin, it will simultaneously release 1 million HZ radio waves, which are only released at the bottom and tip and will not heat the epidermis. Therefore, it can safely, accurately, evenly and effectively heat the collagen in the deep dermis and promote the denaturation, recombination and coagulation of collagen.In addition, the minimally invasive effect caused by microacupuncture can stimulate a variety of activating factors, make the skin from the epidermis to the deep fascia, achieve the effect of skin regeneration, firming and lifting, fade wrinkles and reshape facial contour.

Golden RF Microneedling uses unique segmented electric wave microneedle shuttle technology to make the treatment more accurate and especially suitable for deep treatment under the condition of no thermal damage to the epidermis.One time of golden RF Microneedling treatment effect =10 radiofrequency skin lifts =10 plasticizers =10 dot matrix pixel treatments =2000 skin care treatments.


  1. Golden RF Microneedling beauty PK laser beauty
  • Golden RF Microneedling beauty

The subsection radiofrequency skin tender system of gold micro-needle beauty treatment provides the heat energy, which is safe and reliable for the treatment part, and has a significant effect.The treatment is not restricted to skin types.Innovative segmented micro-needle radiofrequency therapy, which opens micro-channels on the epidermis and releases radiofrequency heat energy after entering the dermis, generates bone collagen and promotes elastic fiber recombination, and has significant effect on the treatment of sunken and damaged skin, such as concave and convex holes, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and coarse pores.

  • Laser beauty

The laser is easily absorbed by melanin, and the darker the skin, the more it is absorbed.Not only that, the laser is easily reflected back by melanin.However, radiofrequency does not rely on the energy of light and laser to treat the skin, and it can effectively avoid melanin and achieve safe and effective treatment.


  1. Precautions before and after operation of Golden RF Microneedling

Before operation of golden RF Microneedling

1) the same site can only be treated once, if there is no swelling can be treated again.

2) for a period of time, the same site can be treated once or twice, but the interval should not be less than two weeks.

3) for the forehead, cheekbones, temples and other positions close to the bone, the depth of microacupuncture into the skin shall not exceed 1.5mm.

4) the intensity of treatment should not exceed level 8.

5) the rf handle should be close to the skin during treatment.

6) people with more acne may get worse in the treatment process.

After operation of golden RF Microneedling

1) can take a bath after treatment, but avoid sauna, bubble bath or high temperature rinse.

2) the skin will have fever within 1 to 2 hours after the treatment with gold radiofrequency microacupuncture. You can use ice compress or apply cold mask to reduce the burning sensation. The burning sensation will disappear after 2 to 3 hours.

3) the treatment site will bleed, which can be stopped by gently pressing the bleeding site with a sterilized cotton ball.

4) shave, apply makeup or shower the day after surgery.Use moisturizing and hydrating products twice a day to help shorten the recovery period.

5) 1 to 2 days after the operation, there will be slight scab on the treatment site of the gold radiofrequency microneedle, which is a normal phenomenon after the treatment. Don’t think it is necessary to tear off the scab.

6) cosmetics contain irritating ingredients, such as alcohol.Cosmetics with moisturizing ingredients should be used.

7) gold radiofrequency microacupuncture treatment is very easy to occur after pigmentation, so pay attention to sunscreen.Wear sunscreen when outdoors (over 30).

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