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Correct understanding of hormone-dependent dermatitis


Hormone-dependent dermatitis mainly refers to the use of hormones for a long time and the production of a series of skin symptoms, the skin of hormone ointment dependence, no hormone ointment, the skin is uncomfortable!And continue to use hormone ointment, can produce more, more serious side effect again!This is known as “hormone-dependent dermatitis”.

1.Typical symptoms of hormone-dependent dermatitis:

When hormone is discontinued, dermatitis eczema symptoms such as redness, desquamation, papules, pustules, exudation and even running water, itching, etc. rapidly appear on the skin.These symptoms can disappear quickly within a day or two after hormone use, even as normal skin.Hormone cannot stop, stop to break out namely.

Because hormonal use circumstance, come on weight is different, the symptom of different person is somewhat different.Hormone – dependent dermatitis is one of the side effects of hormone.Different people may be one of the main, and hormone-dependent dermatitis symptoms are not obvious., for example, some people just show the skin spots, and some patients with sensitive skin, prone to red hot, also someone with secondary acne (see more at chin intensive millet to mung bean size acne) as the characteristic and so on, these belong to one of the symptoms of hormonal ointment syndrome, we call it a hormone-dependent dermatitis with symptoms.Of course, even if the manifestations of hormone-dependent dermatitis accompanied by symptoms, it can not be said that there is no hormone dermatitis.This simply means that hormone-dependent dermatitis itself is not obvious, as is the case with drug addicts who show signs of being healthy in the interludes after taking drugs.Therefore, detoxification measures should be taken in the treatment of skin hormone dependence, which is the basis of hormone side effects.

2.The following symptoms are the concomitant symptoms of hormone-dependent dermatitis, and are other side effects of hormones, which often coexist with hormone-dependent dermatitis.When these symptoms occur, hormone-dependent dermatitis cannot be ignored.

1) the skin is sensitive, can repeatedly allergic, with the original cosmetics or hormone medicine after external use significantly reduced.

2) or accompanied by red blood.

3) the skin feels obvious burning, exposure to wind and sun, or winter from the outside into a warm room will quickly aggravate (if this is the case, then hormone-dependent dermatitis can be identified).

4) cheek dense millet to mung bean size acne.

Feel thin skin.

3.Harm of frequent use of external hormone drugs:

Skin relaxant, piyanping, pikang wang, pikang cream, dermatitis pine, parasone and other corticosteroid hormone ointment, is the most commonly used external medicine in dermatology.They have the advantage of convenient use, low price, good effect to all sorts of dermatitis, eczema, etc., welcomed by the majority of patients.As a result, their side effects are ignored by people, even in the face of “face” problems of skin diseases, but also the slightest consideration of their potential harm, often resulting in a lot of serious consequences.There are many side effects from the frequent use of external hormone drugs. Because the facial skin is most sensitive to hormones, the side effects occur the most.

Common ones are:

1) Dark spots on the skin

2) skin wrinkles

3) subcutaneous elastic fiber fracture

4) Severe dilation of capillaries (i.e. “red blood” on the skin)

5) Diffuse dilatation of small blood vessels, diffuse redness, itching and swelling of the skin, especially after being stimulated by cold and heat, is one of the most uncomfortable side effects of hormones and one of the greatest hazards of hormones

6) skin sensitiity (both skin sensitization is hormone, extremely easy to appear allergic reaction), the side effect is by far the most pain patients with hormone-dependent dermatitis, is mainly responsible for hormone-dependent dermatitis in delay refractory, because sensitivity and dependency often causal, lead to hormone-dependent dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, add together!

7) Premature aging of the skin;

8) Thick skin pores;

9) abnormal increase in the skin, thickening the “hair”;

10) hormone-dependent dermatitis and so on no less than 20 kinds of side effects (these side effects are independent of each other, but also mutual juxtaposition of the relationship!Although it is the side effect that causes as a result of hormone, but there is inevitable memory connection between each other not necessarily, accordingly, do not mix up other side effect and hormone dependence dermatitis!.Among them, hormone dependence dermatitis is the skin produced dependence to hormone, do not wipe appear rash, scurf, aglow, ooze (namely people often say “running water”) wait for a symptom, and SAO is urticant intolerable, this is “hormone dependence dermatitis”.

4.Solution of hormone-dependent dermatitis

Now we have the technology that’s perfect for hormone-dependent dermatitis, which is ShuMin Star, which is the best instrument for repairing sensitive skin.

Two revolutionary patented technologies:

1) Military radar positioning technology

In the world, the only eddy current rf electric field technology capable of stratified focusing, stratified positioning and stratified treatment can precisely focus and locate under the skin, generate vortex electric field, and activate collagen cells with high-frequency electric field.

2) Patented water and electricity separation technology

Water ion sounder turns ordinary water and electricity into charged ionized water, which is more easily absorbed and permeated by the skin.

For the rehabilitation of sensitive skin, cosmetic injury dermatitis repair, hormone-dependent dermatitis repair, reduce or reduce red blood, solar dermatitis, dry skin desquamation hydration, anti-wrinkle skin has a very good effect.

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