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Wuhan Yichao Technology Equipment Co., Ltd is the focus on high-end medical beauty instruments and beauty equipment manufacturer.We focus on physical and RF research and development for 30 years. We are a national high-tech enterprises with ability of production and sales, technical services. Wuhan Yichao is located in the core area of Optics Valley, China, with powerful independent R & D and sales service capabilities. It also owns dozens of national patents. Its products covers laser, ultrasonic, radio frequency, electric field, microwave, plasma and many other technical fields.

Wuhan Yichao adhering to the “skilled in science and technology” business philosophy, and constantly strengthen the technical and management innovation, and perseverance to provide customers with quality products and services. Technical support, clinical training, marketing planning and a series of services have been more than 6,000 customers unanimously approved for China’s medical and cosmetic industry has made outstanding contributions.

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    Skin Barrier Rebuild

    Sensitive Skin Treatment

    Skin Scar Treatment

    Acne Treatment

    Wrinkle Removal

    Leucoderma Treatment


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