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Chinese Medical Association – Brilliant News of the 16th Academic Conference on Medical Cosmetics in 2019


2019 Sixteenth National Medical Cosmetic Conference of Chinese Medical Association

First National Congress of Stem Cells

The Third National Exposition of Medical and Aesthetic Equipment and Materials

On the afternoon of May 12, 2019, the exhibition hall on the second floor of the Shanghai International Purchasing Exhibition Center made a perfect curtain call.

This Congress adopts the form of academic report, symposium, case report and practical observation, focusing on technology exchange and integration, focusing on innovation, development and application, and promoting industry progress and harmony. At the same time, we will continue to encourage and support outstanding young people in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetology, and continue to organize high-quality selection of excellent young papers, so as to provide a larger stage for the development of young people in the field of plastic surgery and Cosmetology in China.

Wuhan Yichao is heavily involved in the exhibition, and the people in front of the exhibition stand are crowded and lively.


ShuMin Star – Grateful to you

Excellent lessons


May 12th,2019

Topic: Clinical application of low temperature plasma

Lecturer: Wuhan Yichao Technology Equipment Co., Ltd – President Yan

Address: 307 meeting room

President Yan presided over the conference and gave a detailed explanation on the clinical application of cryogenic plasma. The technical principle, clinical application scope, instrument advantages and comparison of cryogenic plasma, as well as the contraindications, operating procedures and case analysis of cryogenic plasma are discussed.

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