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Brief Talk about Concept and Nursing Experience of Vitiligo


Vitiligo is a common and frequent pigmented skin disease. The treatment of this disease is very difficult. Although there are many types of treatment drugs and treatment methods, most of them have unsatisfactory results. In addition, because vitiligo is a more stubborn skin disease, not only has a long course of disease, the treatment process is slow, and it is prone to recurrent attacks, which adversely affects the physical and mental health of patients, leading to a decline in the quality of life of patients.

Vitiligo is a non-infectious chronic skin disease caused by the disappearance of skin pigments. Symptoms are white patches of varying size on the skin. Occurs on the face and limbs, generally does not hurt or itching, but it has a greater impact on the patient’s beautiful appearance and normal life.

Vitiligo is a refractory and refractory skin disease. Generally due to changes in temperament, body fluids and disorders of the main organs, some people are caused by genetic, diet, environmental or various traumas. It generally does not affect human health. However, it will affect the appearance and appearance and cause spiritual fluctuations, especially the appearance of white spots on the face, hands and other parts of the patient will directly cause mental pain to the patient and cause different effects in work and daily life.

1. Classification of vitiligo

Vitiligo can be divided into the following categories according to the cause

(1) Divided by size: ① limited vitiligo; ② sporadic vitiligo; ③ mixed vitiligo.

(2) Divided into discrete forms: ① symmetrical vitiligo; ② segmental vitiligo; ③ mixed vitiligo.

(3) According to the distribution: ① single-type vitiligo; ② multiple-type vitiligo.

(4) According to progress: ①Vitiligo in stable phase; ②Vitiligo in unstable phase.

(5) Hereditary vitiligo and congenital vitiligo.

2. Diet care for patients with vitiligo

(1) No matter what kind of temperament and age patients with vitiligo have, they must not drink cold water, milk, yogurt, eggs, fish, cold skin, etc. Because the temperament of these diets is damp and cold, the above foods will weaken the nutritional components in the human body, resulting in abnormal mucus.

(2) Children and young people should eat vegetables and fruits reasonably, but not too much cold food. Because adolescents have more normal wet temperament than adults, excessive fruit consumption leads to excessive wetness in the body, which can destroy the formation of pigments.

(3) Females with vitiligo may not be apprehensive during pregnancy. Because the taboo during pregnancy will affect the normal development of the fetus and the health of the pregnant woman.

(4) Vitiligo patients are not allowed to drink beer, shochu, and various beverages containing alcohol. Sexual life is not easy. Drinking more alcohol-containing beverages and sexual life frequently will weaken the nutritional components in the body, cause organ disorders and accelerate the formation of abnormal body fluids, and white spots or diffuse white spots appear.

(5) Patients with vitiligo should take less fruits and vegetables with too much vitamin C. Because vitamin C weakens the enzymes of oxidants in the body’s serum. Therefore, the content of ketones and proteins in the human body is reduced, which affects the production and conversion of melanin.

3. Psychological nursing and nursing technology for patients with vitiligo

(1) Vitiligo patients and their families refuse to be hospitalized. Due to psychological reactions such as fear, discrimination, and shyness, the mental care of patients with vitiligo is extremely important. According to the specific circumstances of patients, choose different content and methods of conversation, pay special attention to them, respect their personal dignity, and establish friendly relationships. Make the patient establish confidence in the cure, feel mentally happy, and avoid negative emotions such as pain and anger affecting the patient’s condition.

(2) Maintain a good mentality: Because vitiligo has a large impact on the patient’s beautiful appearance and normal life, coupled with the slow effect of vitiligo treatment, it is normal for patients to have irritability, inferiority and other bad psychology. Will affect the treatment of vitiligo.

(3) Observing the patient’s psychological state and playing lyrical and beautiful music to the patient can allow the patient to temporarily forget their illness and give appropriate help and care.

(4) Vitiligo patients must establish good living habits and pay special attention to diet adjustment.

(5) Avoid chemical irritation of the skin: Serious chemical irritation of the skin is a common factor that induces the occurrence and deterioration of vitiligo. During treatment, in order to avoid the spread of vitiligo, patients must pay attention to avoid chemical irritation of the skin. Avoid direct contact with pesticides, fertilizers, and irritating cosmetics.

(6) Vitiligo patients should pay special attention to exercise, strengthen the body’s immunity, combine work with rest, avoid overwork, and prevent the occurrence of diseases such as colds, fever, and tonsillitis.

(7) Oil care and sun care technology: This is the focus of care for patients with vitiligo. The period of early sun exposure in the sun is about 20min, as the skin adapts to the sun. Intact skin is generally not exposed. The air temperature generally does not exceed 25 ~ 30 ° C. 12am to 17pm is most suitable for sun exposure. The sun exposure time depends on the condition. Patients must eat before sun exposure, drink plenty of warm water during sun exposure, and avoid heat stroke. The exposure time of hypertension patients in the sun should be adjusted appropriately. Wrap your body after the sun and rest. Patients with vitiligo have sensitive skin, and may experience skin redness, erythema, and blisters after sun exposure. At the same time, the patient’s skin can easily cause isomorphic reactions, and skin inflammation or trauma may cause the spread and exacerbation of vitiligo.

(8) The injection site should be changed frequently during injection to avoid the formation of induration and affect the absorption of the drug.

(9) When blistering is applied at the area where the blister is formed, start to apply it from a small area. For example, when the blister is formed throughout the body, divide the blister according to the size of the blister, otherwise the condition will be aggravated.

4. Treatment of Vitiligo

Niu Baike 308 / 365nm treatment instrument is a nemesis of psoriasis, psoriasis and vitiligo, a national invention patent product. A laser technology instrument developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. National invention patent-aluminum gallium nitrogen crystal light emitting technology, has the characteristics of pure light source, low power consumption, no dead angle treatment, safe and reliable, more prominent treatment accuracy and targeting, light radiation intensity is several times the ordinary purple light Can reach the lesion directly in a short time, increasing the patient’s tolerance.

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