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Photodynamic therapy for photoaging and effects on skin barrier

The exogenous aging of the skin is mainly caused by long-ter …

Sensitive Skin’s Level of Cognitive needs Promotion

Sensitive skin refers to a highly reactive state of the skin …

The efficacy and choice of medical skin care products on skin disease barrier function

With the improvement of living standards, people’s pur …

Laser treatment and skin barrier

Skin is the body’s largest organ covering the entire b …

Infant skin barrier evaluation and nursing

Research on infant skin barriers has been one of the importa …

Sensitive Skin Consensus of Famous Experts in China

Sensitive skin refers to a high reaction state skin under th …

Skin treatment and cause of hormone-dependent dermatitis

Corticosteroid-dependent dermatitis (referred to as hormone- …

Skin barrier reparing and Acne rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease commonly seen in t …

Research progress of hyaluronic acid in the repair of sensitive skin barrier

In recent years, the occurrence of sensitive skin is increas …

2018 hottest medical beauty machine,do you know what’s it?

Do you know what’s the 2018 hottest medical beauty mac …

How to avoid pigmentation in summer?

Blackening is the skin’s self-protection The skin can …

These Factors are the Prisoner of Problematic Skin!

Traditional skin management Generally saying, it’s the use o …

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