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Yichao Beauty Medical Equipment provides most advanged technology equipment.

Advances in the treatment of keloid by intradermal injection

Keloid is a pathological scar characterized by hyperplasia a …

Effects of narrow-spectrum uvb treatment on skin immune cells and cytokines

Narrow-spectrum UVB (NB-UVB) is effective in the treatment o …

The Systematic Appearance of a Neutrophilic Skin Disease

Neutrophilic skin disease (ND) is a group of diseases with s …

Correct understanding of hormone-dependent dermatitis

Hormone-dependent dermatitis mainly refers to the use of hor …

Air pollution and exogenous skin aging

“Human and the environment are an inseparable whole. T …

Research Progress on Percolation Barrier of Epidermis and other Barrier Functions

The skin is located in the outermost layer of human body sur …

The role of mast cells in skin diseases

As the largest organ of the human body, the skin is the boun …

The Role of Skin Barrier Repair in the Treatment of Acne

Skin is the largest organ of human body, with the function o …

Progress in research on juvenile systemic scleroderma

Juvenile system-ic scleroderma (JSSc), also known as juvenil …

Save sensitive skin start from thicken facial skin

We just recently suffered the torture of summer. And then we …

How to properly use 308nm laser to treat vitiligo

1. The principle of treatment of 308nm laser The light beam …

Different Photoelectric Treat Measures’ Skin Barrier Repair

Human skin is the most direct contact with the external orga …

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