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Yichao Beauty Medical Equipment provides most advanged technology equipment.

PM2.5’s effect on the autophagy level of human keratinocytes

PM2.5’s introduction In the process of cell metabolism, ther …

308 nm Excimer Laser is Effective for Vitiligo and Scleroderma

1.Introduction of 308 nm excimer laser machine The mechanism …

YCZK04 NiuBaiKe – Buster of Vitiligo and Scleroderma(Ⅱ)

Advantages of365nm laser High energy: UVA1 has a powerful 36 …

CDA2018|SHUMIN STAR MACHINE Academic Conference on the Treatment of Sensitive Skin

14th annual meeting of dermatologists in China National Cong …

YCZK04 NiuBaiKe – Buster of Vitiligo and Scleroderma(Ⅰ)

Introduction of YCZK04 NiuBaiKe Niubaike 308.365 excimer las …

Golden RF Microneedling-A Magic Weapon to Keep You Young Forever

Introduction of Golden RF Microneedling Golden RF Microneedl …

Some questions about ShuMin Star

Three principles of ShuMin Star to overcome skin sensitivity …

Differences in treatment principles between progressive vitiligo and stable vitiligo

Differences in treatment principles between progressive viti …

How to Repair Sensitive Skin

The main causes of skin sensitivity are damaged cuticle and …

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