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Yichao Beauty Medical Equipment provides most advanged technology equipment.

Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Skin Ulcers

Chronic skin ulcers are skin-defective lesions deep in the d …

Research Progress on the Correlation between Infection and Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common cause of chronic inflammatory skin dis …

Latent, Recurrent Infection and Prevention of Herpes Simplex Virus

The herpesvirus family is a double-stranded DNA virus with a …

Current status and classification of viral skin diseases

The virus is the smallest pathogenic microorganism known to …

China Preventive Medicine Association

Professional committee of dermatology and STD prevention and …

PM2.5’s effect on the autophagy level of human keratinocytes

PM2.5’s introduction In the process of cell metabolism, ther …

Epidemiological investigation of dietary risk factors in patients with psoriasis vulgaris

1.Introduction of psoriasis treatment Psoriasis is a common …

308 nm Excimer Laser is Effective for Vitiligo and Scleroderma

1.Introduction of 308 nm excimer laser machine The mechanism …

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